15 Sandals To Look Forward To for 2019

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Sandals are coming in hot for 2019, but how do you know which ones to get this year? Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. I’ve picked 15 sandals for this summer that I would wear. Some seem similar, but they have subtle differences and prices.


Unlike the heeled sandals above, the ones I’ve chosen this time are flats, perfect for every day wear. Some can even be worn as going out sandals, they’re that nice.

Sandals 2019

1. Nordstrom – Bella Vita – Ros Slide | 2. Asos Design – Flisse leather flat sandals in leopard | 3. Nordstrom – Sam Edelman Gigi | 4. Asos Design – Wide Fit Favoured leather flat sandals | 5. Aerosoles – In Conchlusion |
6. WalMart – Women’s Circus by Sam Edelman – Carolina Sling-Back |
7. Nordstrom – Bella Vita – Imo Slide Sandal | 8. Aerosoles – Down Time |
9. WalMart – Time And Tru Stars Slide | 10. Asos Design – Wide Fit Valid leather cross strap flat | 11. Old Navy – Faux-Leather Double-Strap Slingbacks | 12. Amazon – softspots Trinidad Women’s Sandal | 13. Sole Society – 1 State – Lyndie Flat Sandal | 14. Nordstrom – Sam Edelman Bay Cutout Slide Sandal | 15. Amazon – FITORY Women’s Flat Slides Open Toe Slip On Shoes for Summer

Wide Width

I like these Bella Vita Ros slides in gold because they feel a bit like a throwback to the early 90’s, but updated for 2019. The leather could be a little snug. I’d check to make sure the front of the leather part doesn’t dig into your toes while trying these on.

Another pair of Bella Vita flats, number 7, are very cool. One thing that’s always been hard for me with these type of straps are that they dig into my skin. Since these are wide, I don’t think that would be an issue here.

Asos is another brand that has wide width shoes. Number 4 are pretty and delicate, something that most wide shoes aren’t. A great thing about these being wide is that you’re not going to have to wiggle your foot in to get it to fit.

Last up is another gem from Asos, number 10. Animal print! As you can see from the others in the picture above, I love a good animal print. These are fun and would look tres chic with white jeans. It’s not summer till you bring those babies out, am I right?


Not every person likes the feeling of something between their toes, but if you don’t mind it, these sandals are for you. Numbers 2 and 3 are animal print again. Since it’s the t-strap, there’s less print to go around, so it could be just the pop of print you need. They would look fantastic with a summer LBD (little black dress) on the beach.

Number 5 is the more expensive of the two white sandals. I had a pair of Aerosoles a few years ago and they were so soft and comfortable. I’m thinking of getting these for myself this summer.

I was surprised in reading some other blogs that WalMart has been upping their fashion game. I found these Circus by Sam Edelman (number 6) flats by cruising their site. Circus is the cheaper Sam Edelman line, however, I see nothing wrong with getting the cheaper version. It all looks the same to me!

I’m going to lump number 13, the 1 State shoe, into the t-strap group. I like how its a bit embellished but not too ostentatious. I also like how it has an ankle strap to keep it on.


Athletic slides have been all the rage lately and I’m on board. I found these on WalMart again. I love the color and that it has stars. How cute and comfy, right?

Number 14 and 15 are fantastic dupes for Hermes Oran sandal. Number 14, the Sam Edelman ones, are the more expensive ones out of the two. Yet, they’re still under $100, so quite a good deal compared to the originals. The Amazon ones, number 15, are a steal. I do wonder how the leather is on them, like is it very cheap looking in real life. I guess one way to find out is to give them a whirl and see.

The Rest

The rest of the shoes don’t fit a specific grouping, but they’re still cool. Number 8 is another Aerosoles shoe, which means it’s going to be comfortable. I like the floral print because it’s a little different. It would look awesome with jeans and a tank, or even a LWD (little white dress).

Number 11 is similar to number 7, only it’s not for wide width feet. I like there’s an ankle strap to hold it on. Another great thing about it is it’s from Old Navy, so it’s on the cheap side.

Last up is number 12. I have always wanted a pair of these. I think they’re cool and somewhat Parisian. I know the style isn’t from France at all, but a “Mexican sandal, pre-Columbian in origin,” called a huarache. To me, these sandals are the definition of cool girl.

I hope you have all enjoyed this post on summer sandals. Let me know what you think in the comments below. If I do end up getting any of these shoes, I’ll have to do another post and let you all know my thoughts. I hope if YOU get some you’ll let me know as well!

 I get commission for purchases or clicks made through links in this post. Usually that means I can get a fancy coffee at Starbucks. So thank you!

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