Mother's Day

14 Mother’s Day Gifts That Are Sure to Please Everyone

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This is going to be a shorter post, but it’s one I want to get out while you still have time to buy your gifts for your special mothers! This might be your 40-something Mother’s Day, or it might be your first, whatever number it is, know that we love you guys. How do we show our love on this day that celebrates you? Hopefully being as sweet as can be, but also showering you with love and presents!

Mother's Day

If you’re still unsure what to get your momma don’t fret, I’ve got some ideas. A number of them can still be ordered for fast delivery to make it on Sunday, May 12th here in America. I didn’t realize that it’s not celebrated on the same day around the world. In the UK it is celebrated March 22nd, in France, it’s on May 26th. I first realized it wasn’t universal when I went to France around that time and saw all their advertising for Mother’s Day then. Just a little bit of trivia for ya. Maybe in these other countries you can keep this guide on your radar!


1. Amazon – Tile Pro with Replaceable Battery | 2. Amazon – Funny Mug: Spoiled Sibling | 3. Amazon – Funny Mug: Great Job Mom | 4. AmazonBambusi Bathtub Caddy Tray | 5. Uncommon Goods – Unwind Lavender Gift Set | 6. Nordstrom – NEST – Fragrances Grapefruit Scented Candle |
7. Amazon – Katie Loxton – Perfect Pouch – Marvellous Mom | 8. Novelteas – Tea Complete Collection of Noveltea tins | 9. Etsy – Secret Message Locket | 10. Nordstrom – Levtex – I Owe to My Mother Accent Pillow

Number 1 might look weird, but it’s a great idea to get the mothers who always forget where they put their keys or anything else! You just attach this little tile to your phone, your keys, or wallet, download the tile app and voila! You have a new way to track your stuff.

Numbers 2 and 3 are the mugs. I don’t know about anyone else, but I love funny and cute mugs. These two definitely fit the bill. Number 2 cracks me up. It’s a must if you have a mom with a great sense of humor. I would definitely get this one for my mom in a heartbeat… if she didn’t have a cupboard full of mugs already. How many is too many? If you don’t feel like being snarky to your sibling, I’d go with number 3 – it’s all about you. Literally. And who isn’t going to find that funny? I sure do!

Number 4 is for the mothers that love their baths. Hopefully they get to take a nice relaxing one this Mother’s Day. As someone who is obsessed with bath’s, this bathtub caddy tray would be a great gift. It’s not something I’d buy myself because I’d think it was slightly frivolous, however if someone gave it to me I’d be thrilled. Plus, taking a bath might be the one break some mother’s get. They need all the “me” time – and this caddy tray keeps everything in reach for them to be able to enjoy their alone time.

Number 5 goes along with the idea of relaxation for mom’s. You plant the lavender seeds in the bamboo pot. While you wait for them to grow, every night you can light the soy candle, spray the pillow spray on your pillow, then put the sleep mask on your eyes and get the best night’s sleep you’ve had since your little one arrived.

Number 6 is a new twist on an old favorite. How many of us bought our mothers candles from Bath and Body Works when we were growing up? There’s nothing wrong with that, but now they might like a more grown up scent like the ones from Nest. Their glass vases are sophisticated and add a touch of class to their surroundings.

Number 7 is a cute pouch for your mama’s. I’ve gotten very into pouches for everything. They’re easy to throw in your purse or bag, and you never have to worry about finding things because they’re in your pouch! I’m a fan of ones by Katie Loxton and have one of my own. This one is adorable because it has “Marvellous Mom” on it. Every time she looks at the pouch she’ll be reminded of you AND what a great mom she is. Win win!

Number 8 is a little kitschy and I’m ok with that. Since we have cups on here, we need something to put in those cups. I think a fun tea for the bibliophile mothers out there. The names are adorable:

  • Don QuixoTea – Man of La ManChai
  • The Picture of Earl Grey
  • War and Peach by L.N. Tolstoy
  • Pride and Peppermint (2oz)
  • Oliver Lemon Twist (2oz)
  • Matcha Do About Nothing (2oz)

Number 9 is one of the sweetest ones on this list. It’s a secret message locket. I always liked books where an orphaned child found out about their mothers from a piece of paper in a locket. Sorta like Annie. I think it would be cool to write an uplifting message to a mom for when she wants to give her child away they make her so angry. Let’s face it, that time will come. I’m sure it did with my mother and I’m practically perfect. (HA! As my mother herself would say, “my halo is pinching.”)

Number 10 is the other sweet choice out of the 10. It’s well known that women like pillows. We also like ones that have messages on them. Think of all the love your mother will give you when you gift her this one that says “All that I am or hope to be, I owe to my Mother.” She will love this, and might even tear up a bit. This is the gold standard especially if you’re in the doghouse for some reason.

Now… I’ve chosen a few gifts that are good for new mom’s. Check ’em out!

Mother's Day - New Mother Gifts

1. Amazon – Infinity Collection Mom Bracelet | 2. Amazon – Fujifilm INSTAX Share SP-2 Mobile Printer (Gold) | 3. Personalization Mall – First Mother’s Day Personalized Photo Frame | 4. Uncommon Goods – Baby’s First Year Memory Book

Number 1 brings the sappiness, but for new mom’s that’s ok. It’s the one time when you’re allowed and encouraged to be sentimental. I like how this has three charms and looks similar to the Alex and Ani bracelets. This one would look great stacked with others.

Number 2 is perfect for printing all the multitudes of pictures you’re already taking. I know this because my sister just had a baby and when I visited I took SO. MANY. PICTURES! How can you help yourself? Babies are just the cutest with their chubby cheeks and feet that have never walked on the ground.

Number 3 is a special frame for all the pictures you just printed from your mobile printer. I like that it’s able to be personalized. There’s something very special about getting things personalized. I think adding the name to this one makes it cuter than a boring frame you can get at Target. Of course, this might not be ready in time, but there’s always next year, or the possibility to do a rush order.

Last up is the memory book, number 4. It’s always cute to try and fill a memory book to look back on your baby’s growth. I know it’s a little difficult for mother’s to keep up with, but hopefully having a book will make it easier. This one looks fun and like less work than a regular one. The maker, Haily Meyers, “made her beautiful baby book as an easy alternative to more labor-intensive first-year scrapbooks.” Which is exactly what new mother’s need. They’re busy trying to figure everything out!

Whew, lots of options here, guys. I hope this has been helpful in trying to get some gifts for your Mom’s. They’re the ones who have raised us, are raising us, are the first people we turn to in happiness or sadness. So here’s a thank you from me. (Especially since my mom reads this! HA HA HA!) Let me know what you guys think or if you end up buying something for your own Mom.


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 I get commission for purchases or clicks made through links in this post. Usually that means I can get a fancy coffee at Starbucks. So thank you!

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