5 Ways to Style a Shirt

I received this topshop shirt from my sister when I went to visit her in Chicago and thought that I should figure out a few different ways to style it other than the jeans I usually wear.  She then surprised me by showing me she bought the same shirt for herself.  Twinning!  We love doing that now that we’re older.  Not even sure why, but we do!  Of course, we styled it in the usual way — with jeans, but further below I have some other ideas on how to wear it.


This top is actually a medium.  I wasn’t sure it would fit well because Topshop sizing can run small.  Not with this top, the medium fit me, and my sister.  We’re both wearing mediums.  I love the sleeve detail with the small opening and bowtie.  Gives me a little bit of air for those hot summer days.  The pink is uber flattering on both of us.  I’m wearing mine with Banana Republic Skinny jeans, while my sister wears her with her fave AG jeans.  (links below pics)



Topshop Shirt | Banana Republic Skinny Jean | AG Jeans

This shirt can be dressed up or dressed down.  You can see how it looks laid back and cool with jeans and sneaks.


1. Topshop Denim Miniskirt | 2. Eileen Fisher Washable Straight Leg Pants |
3. Emerson Rose Pencil Skirt | 4. Women’s Swing Skirt | 5. Merona Chambray Chino Shorts |

If I feel like I want to style it in a more dressy way, I’d add a pencil skirt, like the one above (#3) with a pair of nice pumps or open-toed if your work allows it, and a blazer.  These mules would also make it work friendly, even if you wear your jeans with it.


I also love the idea of styling it with the white skirt.  There’s something so fresh about it, with a cute sandal (in the nude leather).  I would tuck the shirt into the skirt so it doesn’t make you look too poufy.  Or maybe you could knot it to the side.  That feels very summery and almost like a throw-back to the fifites/sixties.


What do you guys think?  Would you buy this shirt?  How would you style it?  Tag me in pics! I’d love to see how you do it.

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