Am I Too Old For American Eagle

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Old. Age. Not something anyone wants to think about. When did it become cool to tell women that they’re too old to wear something or shop at a certain place? I’m here to tell you that’s complete poppycock! (Yes, you read that right, I used that word.) I’m tired of these so called “rules” women should follow or be bullied; women over 40 shouldn’t wear mini-skirts, women in their 30s shouldn’t shop at American Eagle or Forever 21, women in college always wear Victoria’s Secret loungewear. Ugh. Such clichés! Let’s wear what we want to wear and shop where we want to shop. Now, rant over, we can move on to the point of this post here – things I think are cute for women of any age from American Eagle.

While in the course of creating your fall wardrobe, don’t pigeonhole yourself by only shopping at your usual stores, branch out and go into ones that might not be completely age appropriate. I popped into American Eagle because I hadn’t perused the merchandise in a while. While I saw some interesting items in the store, some of the ones I saw online were even better.

1. Button Front Long Cardigan | 2. Corduroy Mini Dress | 3. Aerie Fleece Turtleneck Dress | 4. Tie Waist Shirt Dress | 5. Aerie Happy Place Cable Sweater | 6. Lace High Neck Crop Top | 7. Plush Long Sleeve T-Shirt |
8. Aerie Long Sleeve Tiered Midi Dress |9. Plaid Button Up Shirt |
10. Tailgate Men’s NASA T-Shirt

Number 1

This cardigan is a super soft cozy one that runs rather large. I tried on the size large and it was much too big. You can see that in the pic below. If I did go to a size medium, I would pair this with skinny jeans (check out my jean guide here) and cute booties, with a white shirt underneath.

Number 2

Welcome back 90’s. I think I had a similar dress when I was in high school. I’ve really got to go home and look through all the pictures to see if I’m right! Anyway, this color is a wine which is always so great for fall. I think it pairs well with a white shirt, as seen on me below. This would be adorable with white booties or black over the knee boots. A black hat would also be cute.

Number 3

This dress also comes in dark heather gray and “hut” which seems to be a dark brownish/olive type color. I picked this pebble color because it looks a little more blush on the website. This would be a cozy dress that would keep you warm all winter long. Throw a pair of knee high boots along with lined tights and you’re all set for your cocoa.

Number 4

I love a great denim dress and this one would be great for fall. This is a little different from others because it has the tie waist and is a shirt dress type. It could definitely be worn to work if you are in a business casual type of office. Again, since it’s fall, I’d go with some boots and tights.

Number 5

Isn’t this just a cherry sweater? I love the happy yellow color. It would be cute with jeans or a black skirt. Dare I say even a navy skirt would look great with it. Be sure to size way down. It’s made to be oversized, but even the medium on me was huge! Who’s going to say you’re too old to wear this? No one!

Number 6

Now we’re talking about being too old for some trends, and the crop top usually falls into that category. If you have abs and want to rock it, cool, if you don’t have abs and still want to rock it, you go. If you just think the shirt is cute like I do, you go one size bigger so the crop is more of a normal sized shirt. This one is ladylike and would look so pretty with wide leg cream pants, or a pink skirt.

Number 7

This is hands down the softest shirt I’ve tried on in a while. I don’t even like long sleeved shirts but was almost going to make an exception for this one. I might have to get one of the short sleeved ones in the same fabric.

Number 8

May all your boho dreams come true in this dress. This type of dress isn’t for old women, or young ones, it’s for anyone who loves the boho trend. It reminds me a little bit of the Dôen ones that are over $250. To get the full on boho queen look, I’d wear cowboy boots and a felt hat. And layers of necklaces.

Number 9

I’m going to call this Rails inspired. It’s a bit different with the tie bottom front, but otherwise it’s pretty similar. You’ll get this for way less than a Rails shirt – however, since I didn’t get a chance to feel it in person, it might not be as soft as those. This is perfect for fall because you can wear it with jeans as you go apple picking with your boots and vest. That’s the only time I’ll encourage one of the puffer vests.

Number 10

This one is a bit out there, but hear me out. This is a men’s t-shirt, but I think it would be great to get it in a smaller size and rock it. It would be perfect to tie on the side above a cute skirt or jeans. I think men sometime have cooler shirts to choose from than we do, so why not go for it? The other day I read that Jessica Mulroney does it, too. And I trust her style.

Would you ever try any of these outfits? Have I convinced you that you can shop anywhere no matter what your age? Let me know in the comments! Can’t wait to hear from you guys.


  • You are so cute. I think you mean cheery rather than cherry in the section about the yellow sweater. It is easier to shop in American eagle after 40 when you look like you are 20, as you do. Very youthful babyface!

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 I get commission for purchases or clicks made through links in this post. Usually that means I can get a fancy coffee at Starbucks. So thank you!

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