Being A Tourist In My Own City

I always hear of people going on ‘staycations’ in their home city, but today I decided to be a tourist in my city of New York.  I decided to go to the “Top of the Rock” at 30 Rockefeller Plaza.  The best thing to do is buy your ticket online.  Then you don’t have to wait outside in a giant line.  As of this writing, the cost to go up to the top is $34, and it’s worth it.  Of course there are a ton of people up there with you, so that makes it slightly difficult to take pictures. In speaking with one of the pages that kept the line moving, I learned the best time to go is not during the holidays.  Hey, I like a challenge.  This post is just pictures from that trip.  I think they’re so pretty and I wanted to show them to you all!  Hope you enjoy!

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