Boss Babe 2020 – Dressing for Success

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Boss Babes are gonna get it done in 2020, am I right? Of course I am. Only question is, how do you dress to reflect your boss babe-ness? What’s that you say? You’re not sure. Guess what, I know that feeling. Sometimes we get used to just throwing on any old thing to go to work, but since we’re in the new year and you’ve decided to start dressing for the job you want, we’re going to kick things up a few notches. I’ve chosen items that are more at home in a business casual office, but some can be used for a more formal business one.

Yes, I think the glasses add to my overall Boss vibe. HA! But you don’t need to wear them to make yourself come across large and in charge. Honestly, one of the biggest secrets is to believe in yourself and people will. If you need an added boost to help believe in yourself these clothes will help give that to you.

Clothing Choices

1. LOFT – Cinched V-Neck Top | 2. Ann Taylor – Shimmer Houndstooth Jacket | 3. Nordstrom – Eliza J – Ruched Sleeve Blazer | 4. Petite Studio – gretel wool pants – mocha | 5. Nordstrom – Forest Lily – Square Neck Sheath Dress | 6. Express – Slim Fit Sheer Snakeskin Print Ruffle Portofino Shirt | 7. Express – Printed Ruched Puff Sleeve Top | 8. Ann Taylor – Stripe Tie Waist Top | 9. Nordstrom – Halogen® Bias Cut A-Line Midi Skirt (tan animal print) | 10. Nordstrom – SPANX® – The Perfect Black Pant Four-Pocket Skinny Pants

Boss Babes Shirt

Number 1

This is a great shirt for layering. It would look equally professional under a blazer or cardigan paired with slacks, a pencil skirt, or jeans. Since it’s from Loft it will hold up for a couple of years and won’t break the bank.

Number 2

The first of the two blazers I have chosen. This one adds such fun to a boring old blazer. It’s a great pattern and reminds me a bit of this Balmain blazer. As you can see from this pic it adds a professional look to the black jeans. I would pair it with anything black on the bottom and probably black on top. Or maybe the pink shirt above for a great pop of color.

Number 3

I love the ruching on the sleeves of this blazer. If you’re a person of shorter stature the cut of this blazer is great. See how the bottom isn’t long and the sleeves are three quarter length? I know lots of people have some issues with that length of sleeve, but it looks so cool when you have a long sleeved blouse covering up that exposed skin. It would also be a good one to wear in the summer when you’re just a little chilly from the AC, but you don’t want something heavy.

Number 4

These pants are for my petite ladies out there. I follow this brand, Petite Studio, on Instagram and think everything they make is incredibly classy. The attention to detail with the sailor buttons is perfect. The brownish color isn’t an ugly poo brown, but a nice almost reddish chocolate color that is perfect for winter. Right now they’re having a winter sale – so you can get it for a bit of a bargain – this store is fairly pricey.

Number 5

Sheath dresses – you either love them or hate them. Me, I love them, yet my sister hates them. If you’re a person who loves them, this is a no brainer. Throw a blazer over this and you are in the same category as another Boss Babe, Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge. This is an outfit that would be perfect for offices that are more formal business attire than business casual.

Number 6

Wait, I can wear almost see-through blouses to work and not be a HR violation? Yes, you can! Just remember to pair it with a camisole for work, and then your inner vixen can come out at night. I would call this a perfect day to night shirt. This would be great with any black pants or skirts.

Boss babe puff sleeve

Number 7

This is another top from Express and I’m just as surprised as you are! The pattern is rather ladylike and the ruching on the sleeves and peplum at the bottom of the shirt keep in with that genre. This would be so classy with a black pencil skirt and heels. It would even be professional work appropriate with a blazer on top of it.

Number 8

This blouse is on the list because the tie detailing gives an interesting look to an otherwise normal top. I’m not sure how this would look on us short torso ladies, it’s definitely one to try on and see. I could see women with longer torso’s pulling this off more easily. Since it has the bow tie at the waist, you don’t want to wear anything bulky on your bottom half.

Boss babe animal print skirt

Number 9

It’s been said that animal print is a new neutral. It’s one of those prints that can be dressed up or dressed down. This skirt is the “tan animal print” one and would be gorgeous with a black bodysuit and heels or boots.

Boss Babes Spanx Pants

Number 10

I talked about these same pants in this post and I’m including them in this roundup because they’re that great. They look professional when you pair them with heels or boots, and they’re cool when you pair them with sneakers. On top, if you go with a blouse like Number 1 you’ve got a very Boss Babe appropriate outfit. If you pair it with a T-shirt and blazer, you’re just cool.

All of these can be mixed and matched to create your Boss Babe wardrobe. It’s also a good way to get started on a capsule wardrobe if you’re into that. I like the idea of it, but worry that I won’t have enough choices if I whittle down my wardrobe. What do you all think? Are any of these making you feel like you’ve gotta run out and revamp your wardrobe in order to make your New Year Goals a reality?


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 I get commission for purchases or clicks made through links in this post. Usually that means I can get a fancy coffee at Starbucks. So thank you!

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