Call Me Boots: Creating A Boot Wardrobe

I love boots so much my family calls me Boots.  At last count I had ten pairs.  And I live in a tiny NY apartment with no space, so they are stacked neatly in rows three deep by the door.

Call me Boots Title

Here’s why I love boots:  They’re shoes that look like you tried and put some thought into your outfit, but they’re COMFORTABLE.  (Or at least the good ones should be.)  Unlike heels, which look awesome but kill me, boots are like the sneakers of the fashion world.  And living in NYC, boots are essential. Unlike heels, with boots you won’t step in a grate and lose your shoe; or nearly break your ankle when your heel lands in a crack or you’re walking down uneven cobblestone side streets.  Boots just don’t do me that way.

If you’re going to start creating a boots wardrobe, there are certain categories you have to cover.  For instance, there’s:

  • The rocker boot.  In my collection, they are the vintage black boots.  The rocker boot needs to be sturdy, well worn, with some tough hardware on it, such as visible zippers or buckles.  These are on my list.  I’m sure after you break these in they’ll be perfect.
  • The dressy open-toe boot.  This is like the equivalent to the sexy date night heel.  Looking for clean lines, a stiletto heel, and should usually be black.
  • Casual boots.  Which could also = neutral boots.  These can be thrown on with outfit.  Jeans ✔︎ short flirty dresses ✔︎ romper ✔︎ maxi-dresses ✔︎ business casual ✔︎
  • Colorful boots.  I love pairing these with a monochrome outfit as the pop of color.  It adds a fun touch to what could be a boring outfit.  As we all know, monochrome is having a moment right now, so I’ll be adding a few more colorful boots to my collection.  These blue ones are shocking.
  • High boots.  These can be any length above the calf.  I like a good knee boot.  Almost ten years ago, I got a pair of wider calf boots from this place called Duo (now Ted & Muffy) that I still have.   A good thigh high boot, like this one, is on my list as well.
  • Rain boots.  In some cities this is a must.  I have some Tretorn ones that I break out every fall.  They really hold up.  I’d love to get some Hunter ones down the road, in green, of course.

Here are some of my favorite boots:  Toms Lunata Booties; Nine West Brown Boots, similar here and here; Heel Booties, similar here and here; Red boots, I love these!; black boots, vintage, similar here. 

Black Boots Red Brick

Bootie HeelsRed Boots

Toms Boots-1

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