Changing My Hair for Spring

Everyone talks about spring cleaning; getting the house all ready to welcome the spring, opening the windows to let in fresh air, mopping the kitchen.  What about spring cleaning yourself?  Getting your first mani/pedi of the season, shaving your legs again to ready them to wear skirts without tights, and changing up your hair?  All this sound familiar?  This year I decided to try a new hair color.

As I’ve gotten a little older, I’ve noticed some silver strands of hair.  Not white, gosh no, silver I say!  In my normal brownish color they seem to pop out like a beacon.  Other people are nice and say that they can’t see them, but I can see them and I find them tres annoying.  I had highlights a while back and thought about getting more, but then I thought, hey, why not try balayage?  I’ve never done it before and I’m always jonesing to try new things.

The cool thing about this technique is that they paint on the color.  You don’t have to worry about your hair getting all dried out like it does when it’s bleached for highlighting.  It’s done in such a way that it looks like the sun naturally highlighted your hair, which is what appealed to me.  I’m going to be honest with you here: I’m rather lazy with hair upkeep.  I don’t go every six weeks for a trim, or to get my roots touched up.  That’s why this is a good technique for me, when it grows out, it should still look natural.  At least that’s my hope!

I went to this salon near my work called Salon de Quartier in Manhattan.  They have a lot of great deals on specific days of the week.  I signed up for their newsletter because they send out deals that way as well.  I would recommend this Salon on 2nd Ave to anyone.  My stylist, Valbona Agolli Agalliu, was fantastic.  It took 2.5 hours to get this, but it was worth the time!  I LOVE IT!!!  What do you all think?  I’m now going to try and figure out if blondes do have more fun!
Back-of-head-beforeThis is the before shot.  My hair looks a little brassy in my opinion.  It’s the highlights growing out.  Doesn’t look natural at all, am I right?


Here’s the crazy look from during the coloring process — yes, the crazy eyes were on purpose.  Tee hee.  I look a bit like an alien.


After.  My mother and sister thought this was a shot from Pinterest and not me!





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