Class Pass: A Review (so far)

Bianca persuaded me to get a class pass.  Here’s the idea — for $99 a month, you can take unlimited classes around your city.  Since I live in NY, I can take them anywhere here.  Well, I don’t exactly understand how things work, but there are also other places to take it as well.  In fact, here are the other cities they offer the pass.

-New York City
-Washington, D.C.
-San Francisco
-Los Angeles
-San Diego

Over the weekend I took a spin class on Friday, a boxing class on Saturday and just today took a very interesting yoga class.  The spin class was your usual thing at a normal gym, a 24 hour fitness located near my work.  I thought a boxing class would be something different especially since I’ve been a little angry lately (I blame the full moon!).

Overthrow Boxing Club
Overthrow Boxing Club

The boxing class was at a real boxing gym!  It was awesome!  My teacher, Sergio, wrapped my hands like I was Rocky or something, then we went down to the basement area for the class.  It was a total body workout.  Constant bouncing on your feet, punching the bag, upper cut, hook, jab!  It rocked!  I would highly recommend it to anyone.

Then today, I ended up at the Golden Bridge Yoga Center in NYC.  I took the Gong Sound Bath class.  Here’s the description from the site:

This class is a journey into deep relaxation, designed to shake off the previous week and clear the mind, body, and spirit so you can start your Monday fresh. We will warm-up the body and immerse ourselves deeply in a one-hour gong bath. The power of sound healing will leave you focused and full of bliss to carry you through the new week. You will leave refreshed and rejuvenated with a deeper connection to sound and self.

They were right.  I did.  I’ve never felt so relaxed in all my adult life.  Maybe my entire life.  I’ve never been one for that whole ‘yogi/yoga’ sort of experience, but it was pretty cool.  I love the sound of bongs!  It was so peaceful.  I highly recommend it to everyone.

That’s all for now!


  • Sounds like you’re loving CP so far! Isn’t it amazing?! I love being able to check out so many different studios in the city. You should definitely try a barre class, too!

    • It IS amazing. I agree! I’m going to try and check out a barre class soon. I gotta get some of those grippy socks first. I am trying out a sword class this weekend! I love that I get to choose such strange classes that I would never sign up for otherwise.

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