Comfy Clothes and Picks To Get Through COVID-19

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Comfy clothes are getting me through COVID-19, how about you all? Since I haven’t been able to go anywhere and shop my spending has really gone down. I’ve still managed to buy some items during this time that have honestly surprised me as to how much I like them and how they’re the best things I’ve bought during this time. Therefore, I’m going to share them with you because I think they’re that good! (I’m sure everyone knows the drill by now, but I’ll include it here: some of these are affiliate links, so that means I’ll get a bit of money if you click on them, and a little more if you actually buy through my link.)

Comfy Picks

1. Amazon – Leggings Depot – Fashion Biker Shorts | 2. Amazon – Leggings Depot – Women’s Solid Activewear Jogger | 3. Amazon – Geestock – Women Waist Bags Waterproof | 4. Amazon – fanture – Women’s Furry Faux Fur Slippers | 5. Amazon – Harbour Health & Wellness – Yoga Mat 1/2 Inch Extra Thick | 6. Victoria’s Secret – Knockout Maximum Support Front-Close Sport Bra | 7. Target – Goodfellow & Co™ – No.03 Moroccan Mint & Cedar Shampoo | 8. Old Navy – Cropped Plush-Knit Pajama Lounge Top

Tori in Comfy Biker Shorts
My shorts are below!
Comfy bike shorts

Number 1

As you can see from the pic above I have these and I LOVE them! I’m thinking about getting another pair. I was one of those people who rolled their eyes when all the “influencers” started wearing them. Well, I’m the first to admit I was wrong. These from Amazon are comfy and so so soft. The other plus about these are that they’re cheap!

Number 2

These jeggings are from the same company (Leggings Depot) as the biker shorts above which I how I knew I’d like the shorts. I wrote about these back in March when I bought and I’ve been so pleased with the purchase. I even told my mom and sister to get them and they both love them as well.

Comfy Amazon Belt bag

Number 3

I wrote about this belt bag a while back as well. This might be the best purchase I’ve made in the past five months. I absolutely love it. I love being hands free, barely taking anything with me, and still being able to fit my phone and a scrunched up bag inside it. It has a little pocket inside where I keep my debit card. I wear it to the grocery store every week and congratulate myself every week on such a great purchase. Extra bonus – it reminds me of the Gucci Matelasse Leather Belt.

Number 4

I’ve seen all the people posting about their Ugg slippers, or the Amazon ones, but I’m rather particular in my view. I like ones that are open in the toe just in case a roach wants to kick it in my slipper, I can see it and kill it. I also like ones that have padding on them for my falling arches. Since I’m wearing them all the time now, I needed to remember that. I also like soft, comfy and fluffy. This one checks all these ‘musts.’

Number 5

You’re thinking, it’s just a yoga mat, Tori, what’s the big deal? Well, it’s not JUST a regular old yoga mat – this one is extra thick, by 1/2 inches. Regular yoga mats are fine, but they tend to still be rough on my knees. I wanted one that had a little more cushion and took a chance on this one. I use it for my ab work that I hate. Tee hee. The only thing that is sort of annoying is that it tends to rip a bit if you’re wearing sneakers, but that makes sense because it’s not really meant for them.

Number 6

Anyone else struggle to find sports bras that hold you up and in through any workout? If you’re anything like me, you need a good amount of help. While I’ve been tempted to try other sports bras, they’re really expensive and I’m not sure they’ll work that well. I know this one does, that’s why I come back to it every time. Something to note – these tend to go on sale, so I’d keep an eye open for it. I was able to get two for the price of one last month.

Tile – Image by Nikki Dawson from Pixabay 
Shadow – Photo by Hongmei Zhao on Unsplash

Number 7

This one is the outlier – men’s shampoo. I don’t have a boyfriend or a man in my life (right now! PMA), so this isn’t for him. I was looking on Target about a month ago for shampoo that was free from silicones, sulfates, parabens or synthetic dyes and stumbled upon this one. In my search it didn’t specifically say this was made for men – or maybe I didn’t see it. At any rate, when it came I was like, nice packaging – looks a bit manly. But oh my goodness – the smell is DIVINE! It’s minty and sort of woodsy in a good way, and smells clean. I’m never going back to any other shampoo. You must get the Moroccan Mint & Cedar one – you won’t regret it!

Comfy PJ top Old Navy

Number 8

This is a late addition to the things I bought because it just arrived this week. This is allegedly a PJ top but I might start wearing it as a normal top. It is also billed as a crop top, but it’s not on me. I got a size large, for reference. It’s also super soft and comfy.

Have you bought anything during these five months that you love? If so, leave it below so we can all grab it! I hope you like some of these comfy picks and they help you during this time. As the dorky High School Musical song goes – “We’re All in this Together.”


  • Love the shorts and pants. The reference to High School musical is very appropriate.

    • HA HA HA! Yes, I’m glad you liked the High School musical reference. And I LOVE the shorts and pants. So soft and comfy!

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 I get commission for purchases or clicks made through links in this post. Usually that means I can get a fancy coffee at Starbucks. So thank you!

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