Comfy Pants that AREN’T Sweatpants

Comfy pants don’t always have to be sweatpants. Sort of like…

In all seriousness, it does seem like since we’ve been in COVID mode, all I’ve wanted to wear are sweatpants. It’s come to my attention that I can wear pants that are comfy and don’t have to be as schlumpy as sweatpants. I’m gonna say it – if it’s got an elastic waistband, I’m here for it. That’s one thing all my picks have in common – a waistband that’s not gonna pinch your tummy.

Comfy Pants Not Sweatpants

1. Me Undies – Women’s Lounge Pant | 2. Summersalt – The Perfect Wide Leg Pant | 3. Nordstrom – Hue – Ultrasoft Denim Leggings | 4. Athleta – Venture Pant | 5. Pink Sky Boutique – Leopard Padded Sleeveless Jumpsuit | 6. HRMNY – Josie Chambray Jogger | 7. Loft – Tapered Pull On Pants In Windowpane Brushed Flannel | 8. Nordstrom – ALLSAINTS – Raffi Skirted Leggings

I’m trying to branch out and let you all know about places I’ve not yet tried. Not sure about anyone else, but it gets boring shopping from just Nordstrom all the time! That’s why I’ve included these comfy pants from Me Undies (which I’ve never heard of but look awesome), Summersalt (influencers seem to love) Pink Sky Boutique (owned by a black woman, Christi Hector), and HRMNY (do these joggers look amazingly comfy or what?!).

I love the idea of a jumpsuit at home. Usually the biggest problem with jumpsuits at work is that you have to take the whole top down to use the bathroom – well, since you’re working from home that’s not gonna be a problem! Your house = your bathroom = no cares about taking off the jumpsuit top! Since I just thought of this idea, I’m going to look into more jumpsuits for myself. This animal print one screams fun and professional for zoom calls. Throw a blazer over the top and voila! Instant chic and no one will know that you’re curled up on your chair with your legs tucked underneath you.

Number 8 is a surprise addition as well. We all know how easy it is to throw a skirt over leggings, but how often do we actually do it? This leggings/skirt attached duo is making it easy on us. It’s got a nice rocker vibe to it as well so you can feel cool while working on a google spreadsheet at home.

As you can see, these run the gamut from leggings, to tapered pants, to dare I say dressy pants that all have one thing in common – how comfy the pants are! I checked to make sure they all have a good waistband. Let me know what you all think in the comments and if you have a go-to place for comfy pants that aren’t sweatpants.


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