Denim Shirt Three Ways

Do you ever look at your closet and think, “I have nothing to wear?”  Even when the closet is packed with clothes?  Yeah, that’s me.  So over the weekend my sister and I went through my closet on FaceTime.  I usually get annoyed at her and she wants to hang up on me, but we held it together this time to style a denim shirt I have in three ways; summer fresh, #bosslady, and downtown cool. 

I love the summer fresh outfit because it is breezy and feels fun with the hat.  Seriously, add a hat to anything and voila! Instantly cool.  Can you believe the blue in the hat band matches the shirt?  I didn’t even plan it that way.  Go me… (please excuse me while I do the running man over here.)  


The second look, #bosslady, is all about being professional while still wearing denim!  I didn’t think it was possible, but it is.  Just add a pair of pumps – as you can see below, mine are patent leather – and it classes up the outfit.  Pairing the skirt with it puts some of the focus on your legs, so people won’t be wondering, “Is that really a denim shirt she’s wearing?”  The blazer (similar here) also helps propel it into the sphere of work appropriate clothing.  

The last look is my downtown cool look.  Jackets can really change up a look, as you can see by changing out the blazer for this H&M Biker Jacket.  Usually, I’d pair this with some tight black ripped jeans, but I was feeling like doing a little something different this time.  The pants are from Ann Taylor, the wide leg ones.  I love the way they look with the heels.  Not entirely crazy about the high waisted-ness of them.  So, if I was actually going to wear this out, I’d change into black jeans.  Of course, this look could also work well for a creative company since it’s cool and rather professional.  I know I struggle sometimes to find the right clothes to wear for the creative culture at my work.

Working with my sister to find three looks from this one top helped free my mind as to how to style my clothes differently than the way I usually do.  I think I’m going to create a challenge for myself to do this every weekend.  I might fail miserably!  But, it’s amazing, I now have 3 days worth of outfits that I could wear from the one shirt — how many outfits can I create from things I never wear in my closet?  The possibilities are endless!  Uh oh… my sister *might* have created a monster!  

What do you guys think?  Is there any piece in your closet that you can do this with?  Are there any pieces with which you’re currently struggling to create an outfit?  If so, show us in the comments and we’ll reach out to help!  

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