Diptyque Candle Review – Rosafolia

I have been wanting a Diptyque candle for a long time, but I haven’t really liked any of the smells.  Until I smelled Rosafolia.  It is described on the Diptyque website as “A scented candle whose verdure, enhanced by a touch of galbanum, is gracefully diffused at the heart of Turkish rose absolute, the softness of petals sharpened by the understated vitality from a hint of geranium.”

Here’s a picture of the beautiful packaging

Diptyque Rosafolia packaging

A full review, after the jump.

Basically the candle smells like a beautiful bouquet of roses.  Continuously.  Even when it isn’t burning.  I walked into my house the day after burning the candle for just a few minutes and the house still had the beautiful fragrance of roses wafting through it.  I am someone who cannot tolerate excessive fragrance.  Just walking past the Lush store makes my allergies and my nose go nuts.  I immediately have to take an allergy pill.  It’s that bad.

But this candle does not bother me at all.  In fact, quite to the contrary it makes me quite happy.  My house was starting to smell of feet.  You know the smell, when you have all your winter boots stacked up near the door, some of which you’ve worn without socks and sweated in the matted fur of your uggs . . .   Don’t pretend you don’t know what I’m talking about.

Rosafolia is the solution.  And look how pretty the actual candle itself is.

Diptyque Rosafolia candle
Diptyque Rosafolia candle

To not smelling of feet,


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  • Like the fact that the scent lingers. Too bad they don’t have boot liners to get rid of foot odor.

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