Eyebrow Grooming Savior: Finishing Touch Flawless Brow Review

Facial hair can be a right pain in the tooshie, am I right?  How often do you have to go to get your brows waxed or threaded?  I always do wax because I can’t handle the pain of the threading.  People swear by it, but not this gal.  The first time someone tried to do it on me I almost punched her.  And I’d been getting my eyebrows waxed for years before even trying that.  
Ok, so how many of you aren’t, shall we say faithful, to getting your brows done in a timely manner?  It’s ok, this is a no judgment zone.  And the best thing of all is that I tried this great new gadget to help with this.  It’s called the Finishing Touch Flawless Brows Eyebrow Hair Remover.  


When I first received the product I was skeptical.  I thought it was going to rip my hair out and hurt like the dickens.  So, the first time I tried it, I scrunched up my face, looked in the mirror and turned it on.  

There’s a little light that comes on which I guess is helpful to see your tiny hairs.  I used it in my problem area – my unibrow – and was shocked to find out it didn’t hurt.  Like at all!  The one thing I did notice is that it gets a little warm.  However, for the length of time you’re holding it against your skin, it doesn’t hurt you.  I then did above and below my eyebrows and wow, it looked great!  

The hard part was my mustache.  It was hard to see, even with the light on, if I had gotten the hair.  It also took much longer to get it all done.  I suppose that’s to the real estate of the upper lip – it’s a lot more than eyebrows.  
I wouldn’t replace my trips to the waxing salon in favor of this, but for when you’re lazy, or you can’t stand having any hair on your face, this is a definite plus.  

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