Tori In Face Mask

Face Masks – My Favorites and Fun Ones

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Face masks were never something I thought about, I’m sure most of you feel the same way, but now they’re all I think about. I’m that person who gets really angry when I see someone walking around without a mask. I know they’re hard to wear, they make you sweaty, and you might be getting mackne (mask acne), but they are saving lives people! Now, I’m sure all of my wonderful readers wear their face masks all the time, so I’m preaching to the choir. Since you all are so great at wearing them, I thought I’d put together 10 of my top picks right now.

Tori In Face Mask

As you can see from the pic above I am very much a supporter of the masks and I like to wear cute ones. I don’t know about you, but I feel like mask are the new fashion. They add another dimension to who you are as a person. Why wear the boring old blue cheapo masks that don’t say anything about you? You, my friend, aren’t going to be one of those people, you’re going to wear a mask that makes YOU feel great!

1. Saint James – Washable Face Mask in Breton Stripes | 2. Sanctuary – 5 Pack Fashion PPE Masks | 3. Etsy – Designer Inspired Pink Flower Face Mask | 4. Red Bubble – 4everASpiceBoy – The Sanderson Sisters | 5. Park Candy – No Touchy Reusable Face Mask | 6. Mask Market – Palm Tree Leaves | 7. The Knot – Adult Reusable, Washable Cloth Face Mask With Filter Pocket (feathers design – scroll for it) | 8. Park Candy – Scar Reusable Face Mask | 9. Saks Fifth Avenue – Alice + Olivia |10. Athleta – Made to Move Mask 3 Pack

For those of you who are missing Paris, this face mask is for you. It’s Breton stripes, the de rigueur for all Parisian ladies. The other nice thing about this mask is how it’s made – the way it comes up in the front instead of having the 3 ruffles down the front. I’ve heard these are easier to breathe in for some people.

These are the ones I have – the middle one in the pic is the same one I’m wearing in the picture of me! I like these because they’re cute and they protect very well. I should also know because I’ve been using them for a while – ever since I first wrote about them in this post. They’re pretty heavy which is the big reason I feel like they can keep out a lot of the Covid germs. I wore these on my roadtrip about a month ago and I’m still Covid free.

As of this post going up there are no face masks from Gucci available, so if you still want to feel designer-y with your mask, this one is from Etsy. I like that you’re supporting a small biz. It also will go with pretty much anything with these colors.

The Sanderson Sisters! Perfect for Halloween, this face mask hits all the right notes. (tee hee) When you buy this, you’re also supporting a small business. Honestly, there’s nothing more to say on this one, it’s cool and Halloweeny.

While searching, I found this site full of Disney inspired face masks, and fell into love. This “no touchy” one struck my funny bone. I don’t know about you, but I think it would be funny to wear and see what other people’s reactions are.

I have an obsession with palm leaves lately. I like the color combination in this one for people who like a traditional palm leaves look. I also love the combo of a few red leaves against the pink background. Not sure why, but that’s just me.

This one is for my boho gals out there. The feathers are a different vibe for a face mask and it feels dreamy to me. The website is a little weird, you have to scroll to the left to find this one, but while you’re there you can check out all the other choices.

I LOVE THIS ONE. Who doesn’t feel like this all the time? I think it would also be awesome to wear as you walk around seeing all the idiots not wearing masks. It’s a quote from Scar from The Lion King and I’m sure we can all relate.

This mask is Alice + Olivia. Guess how much it is. I’m waiting…

$12.95 for a designer mask. And it’s totally adorable. Again we have palm leaves, but unlike number 6 this has a bunch of different varieties. If you are a die hard designer fan, this is for you.

Number 10

Last up we have this 3 pack of masks from Athleta. These have strings that you can adjust which is a game changer. I seem to have a small face so the masks are always a little big on me. I’ve been doubling the straps to wrap around my ears twice. It makes the mask tighter, but it also hurts my ears. It looks like this one also has a strap that goes around your neck.

Another great ear saver is this headband with buttons. I actually own this and love it because it helped alleviate the pain behind my ears from wearing my mask for so long.

I hope this helps everyone realize they can up their fashion game with masks, even if you’re not too into fashion for the rest of your body lately. It’s ok, I’m all about the comfy clothes. As my sister and I now say – why wear hard pants (a.k.a jeans) if you don’t have to! Let me know what you think of these masks and remember, wearing our masks is helping to save lives.


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 I get commission for purchases or clicks made through links in this post. Usually that means I can get a fancy coffee at Starbucks. So thank you!

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