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Falling into Sweaters – My Current Top 8

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Sweaters are my favorite part of fall and winter.  I was on a moratorium for a few years because I had way too many, but now I’m free and can buy all the ones I want.  I’m not one of those people who goes for wool sweaters because they’re usually itchy since I’m allergic to wool.  I tend to pick ones that are very soft, cashmere-like, ones that you want to cozy up with on the couch with a cup of cocoa.  I’ve chosen the eight sweaters keeping that in mind, as well as thinking about what would look good with closet staples that everyone should own.


1. Vici – Heart Warming Handmade Knit Cardigan | 2. Marled X Olivia Culpo – I Love Paris Sweater | 3. American Eagle – Velour Hoodie | 4. Sézane – Simone jumper | 5. Luvyle – One Shoulder Letters T-Shirts | 6. Aerie – Oversized Chenille Turtleneck | 7. Wildfox – Monday Sommers Sweater |
8. Vici – Cashmere Zip Sweater

I’ve recently found some new places to shop for clothing, like Luvyle and Vici.  The first one I found through an ad while I was reading The Zoe Report and the latter I found through Somewhere Lately’s Instagram feed.  I saw something in their Insta stories and they had tagged the store.  That’s one of the coolest things I’ve come across from Insta – the new stores!  I love finding them.  Of course, I can’t say for sure yet what the quality is, but since Somewhere Lately has bought things from Vici I think that’s a good bet.  Luvyle… well I’ll just have to order something and let you all know!

I chose only one cardigan this time because I feel like if you have a basic black you don’t need too many more.  This one (number 1) is a great dupe of the Good Night Macaroon sweater.  I wanted one of these last year and I like the price on this one.

I’m a sucker for anything that has to deal with Paris and this sweater is no exception.  This is a cool new collaboration from Olivia Culpo.  The rest of her collection isn’t all to my taste, but I like this one.  This would look cool with a black skirt or jeans and heels or boots.

Number 3 looks cozy and comfy – exactly what I like during the long, dark, winter months.  Since the camo trend is still hot, this sweater/sweatshirt fits in.  I like how this is just a little different though since it’s velour and has a hoodie.  I love a good hoodie.

One of the more expensive choices of sweaters is number 4.  It’s from Sézane, my favorite Parisian store to drool over.  They have so many unique pieces, they only make a certain number of them, and they have a whole line where a portion of the proceeds goes to charity.  I like being able to shop for a cause.  This sweater is in the color of the moment – mustard – and has a drapey back.  That’s the reason I chose this one.  It is somewhat buttoned up in front, but then the back tells a different story.  It would look so gorgeous with a black pencil skirt and heels.

Graphic sweaters – these are my faves!  As you know, I adore a good graphic t-shirt, so it should come as no surprise that I love sayings on sweaters/sweatshirts.  Number 5 is a solid cheap option.  I like the saying.  It would be a great mantra, actually.  Number 7 is the expensive version of the graphic sweater.  For those of you who have never heard of Wildfox… you can hate me.  They’re a cheeky company that sells graphic sweaters/sweatshirts and t-shirts.  I have two of their sweatshirts and they are so cozy, comfy, and soft.  I live in them all winter long.

Sometimes the only thing we want to do in the winter is throw on a long sweater, leggings, and some boots to get through the day.  This sweater from Aerie (6) is a perfect fit.  On the page it says that it’s perfect to wear with leggings!  I mean, come on guys, Aerie’s killing it.

The last sweater is a zip side one.  I love the unexpected hardware on what would normally be a plain old black sweater.  It bills itself as cashmere, but looking at the price, I highly doubt it’s real.  However, I still like it for the zip and how different that is from others I’ve seen.

These sweaters (and sweatshirts) run the gamut in prices, so I’m sure you’ll be able to one that you like.  If you end up buying one, let me know in the comments below.  Or just tell me whatcha think or what you’d like me to cover next.

Sweater and Something Navy skirt


  • Oh this has hit me in the spirit of. Autumn. My favourite is the Sezane one as I love the colour. Look forward to seeing you sporting these!

    • Oh my gosh, the Sezane one is my fave, too. I love the back of it and how unexpected it is. Yes! I’ll have to put them on the ‘gram. 😉

    • I love the graphic ones! I’ll have to try them out to see if they are indeed soft and comfy – I sure hope so! 🙂

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 I get commission for purchases or clicks made through links in this post. Usually that means I can get a fancy coffee at Starbucks. So thank you!

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