Feeling Cool in my Baker Boy Hat

I just received this Baker Boy hat from my sister and brought it with me when I went to see my sister.  We spent a whirlwind weekend in Chicago taking blog pics even in the pouring rain.  It was a serious downpour!




MS-Backpack CU-Ivanka-Shoes CU-Hat-and-Puppy Full-Shot Velvet-Boots- CU-Velvet-Boots

I saw this Baker Boy hat trend on Jenny from Margo & Me and fell in love.  I was dying for one of them, but the Asos one was completely sold out (psst – it’s stocked again!).  My sister came to the rescue!  She bought it for me (what a sweetie, right?) from Nordie’s, her favorite store.

I paired it with her blazer from fall of 2016, new loafers from Nordstrom Rack and a couple of different bags.  First up the new Bartaile backpack.  Just got this from their kickstarter.  It’s a very cool bag.  Will have more info about it in another blog post soon.  Right now the takeaway on the bag is to buy it.  It can fit a ton of stuff in it, it has a special area for your laptop to protect it, and the straps are changeable so you can wear it however you like!

The second look is more of a fun one with the pop of color in the velvet bootie heels from Steve Madden.  Got these last year as well and was excited to break them out again for this fall!  Taking it up a further notch is the Louis Vuitton Pochette Metis.  Looks pretty high end, huh?  This season velvet is still cool, so no need to run out and get a new pair when I already have these.

The puppy isn’t mine – it’s just a cute Havanese that was being walked and I went nuts.  Look at it – how can you not?  It’s just adorable!  I did want to run off with it, but I wasn’t gonna get far in the booties.  I’m not like Sydney Bristow; I can’t run in that high of a heel!

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