Pajama Comfy Leather Leggings

This post is about looking chic while wearing workout leggings.  The key is having a pair of faux leather ones, like the ones below.  It means you get to lounge around while looking fabulous.

Leather Leggings

Do these look like workout pants to you?  Nope.  That’s the beauty of them.  They’re soft, and stretchy, yet they don’t bunch up at my knee like so many others.  The best thing of all is that the leather panels are breathable.  They don’t get too hot like other faux leather pants.

Walk Away

Pose against Fence

Looking behind

A departure from the ordinary is the Balenciaga bag.  I love how the pop of blue is unexpected against the all black outfit.  It brings a modern twist because it’s not all matchy-matchy with everything in black.

Hand in pocket


I love these little necklaces.  I’m not a very tall person, therefore I look better in dainty necklaces.  I like layering them when I go out for a night on the town.  During the day time, one is usually enough. I also like that they’re arrows since it’s a bit of whimsy thrown in to an otherwise modern outfit.


The real beauty of the outfit is how you style it.  I’ve kept everything downtown black so that it is a chic, sleek look, and I can fit in at an art gallery or at a hipster dive bar. Although sometimes I wear these pants with my white Converse sneakers (when I’m going out to brunch with the girls, usually with big sunglasses to account for late night carousing) or some other cool sneaker,  like my Nike’s or these ones.  The laces up the front of the shoe are an interesting deviation from the usual work appropriate pump.  The heels elevate this outfit because they are a nice stiletto, show a little hint of skin and elongate the line of my leg, making me look taller.

LEGGINGS: Athleta | KIMONA PONCHO SWEATER: The Loft | SHOES: Banana Republic last year, similar HERE | BAG: similar Balenciaga NECKLACES: vintagey, cool ones HERE and HERE

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