Five Pieces of Jewelry Every Woman Should Own

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Jewelry is a girl’s best friend, right?  Oh wait, no, that’s diamonds, but let’s be honest, any kind of jewelry is great, but there are five pieces every woman should own no matter what their budget.



This is a piece of jewelry most often overlooked, but one that adds a pop of interest to what could be a boring outfit.  For example, if you’re wearing a plain white t-shirt with jeans, and sneaks, and put a Hermès bracelet on, it instantly elevates the ensemble.   I can hear you now… what if we don’t have the budget for that brand?  It doesn’t come cheap!  Don’t fret, we live in a time of great dupes and putting one of those on will have the same effect on your outfit.

Jewelry - Bracelets

1. Hermès – Clic H Bracelet | 2. Area Stars – Margo Enamel Hinge Bracelet |
3. Cartier – Pathère de Cartier Bracelet | 4. Melinda Maria – Baby Jaguar Hinged Cuff


I remember begging my mom to let me get my ears pierced.  At the age of 12 (! so old!) she relented.  My sister always finds it so funny that I don’t change my earrings that much, but I say why mess with perfection?  I like small earrings usually because I can sleep in them.  I’m still worried, all these years later, that my holes will close up overnight.  Logically, I know they won’t, but there’s something soothing to wear them at night.  However, if you get a great pair of Tiffany diamond ones, I wouldn’t recommend it.  For me, this is the easiest piece of jewelry to remember to put on in the morning.  I’ve even started changing up my styles, that’s why dangly earrings are included below.

Jewelry - Earrings

1. Monica Vinader – Baja Deco Thin Cocktail Earrings | 2. LAFONN – ‘Lassaire‘ Four Prong Stud Earrings | 3. Tiffany – Solitaire Diamond Earrings | 4. Gorjana – Kellen Linked Drop Earrings

In fact, hoops are my newest obsession.  I recently purchased these and am loving them!  These are part of the Nordie’s sale that’s still going on (as of July 30th).  My favorite thing about them is that the faux diamonds go around the hoop in such a way that anyone can see them instead of plain wire.


This takes us to the next piece of jewelry I think women should have… necklaces.


After seeing my cousin, Melissa, always look incredibly put together, I figured out what it was.  She always wears a necklace with her earrings.  It makes it look like you had all the time in the world to get ready and pull yourself together.  I’ve been working on this myself.  My sister was nice enough to buy this necklace for me.  I love it – it’s so dainty and silver.  I have way less silver pieces of jewelry than gold.  It’s not that huge of a deal, but always wearing gold earrings with gold necklaces tends to get boring.  There are no hard and fast rules that you can’t wear gold earrings with silver necklaces, and vice versa, but it’s my personal preference.


Here are some more necklaces I think are pretty.  In addition to a dainty necklace, like mine above, I also think every woman should have a long lariat type necklace.

Jewelry - Necklaces

1. David Yurman – ‘Quatrefoil‘ Chain Necklace | 2. Baublebar – Mara Everyday Fine Layered Necklace | 3. Nadri – Hexagon Bar Necklace | 4. Gorjana – Charm Choker Necklace


Our last section of jewelry is rings.  I usually wear two.  My mother usually only wears her wedding rings.  Again, it’s a definite opinion, but I think it makes our hands look incredibly feminine.  I’ve never been into the trend of thumb rings, but on some women even that looks cool.  One of my fashion crushes, the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle, used to wear them.  Alas, she doesn’t any longer, but it looked really cool when she did!

Jewelry - Rings

1. Zofia Day Co – Bar Stack Rings | 2. Miranda Frye – Presley Diamond Stacking Rings | 3. Monica Vinader – ‘Riva‘ Diamond Hoop Ring | 4. Catbird Jewelry – Tomboy Ring

One from each of these categories will take your outfits up a notch or even two.  Personally, I’m still a work in progress with adding jewelry before I leave for the day.  Sometimes I hit it perfectly, while other times, not so much.  My goal for 2018 is to be consistent putting on the jewelry daily.  What about you all?  Do you always wear jewelry or not?  What are you favorite pieces?  Let me know in the comments below!

 I get commission for purchases or clicks made through links in this post. Usually that means I can get a fancy coffee at Starbucks. So thank you!

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