France – Troglodyte Caves

When I was visiting my friend at her house in Saumur, France, she asked if I was interested in seeing her friend’s trog cave house. I had no clue what she was talking about, but of course, said yes, I was very interested! A house that’s a cave? This I had to see. Here’s an article that will give a little more info and flavor to the following pictures. 

She drove from Saumur to Montsoreau, which wasn’t a far drive. We arrived at her friend’s house and walked up the little hill to be greeted by this. 

We then went inside this part of the house. See, he has a bunch of smaller caves set into a mountain. Some other homes have one huge cave that they renovate to make into separate rooms and whatnot. With his, you have to go in one cave, go out and go to the other.  

      Amazing right? Well, here’s a funny thing I never thought about — caves are damp. I guess some are damper than others. But, I used the bathroom in one of the caves (yes, they have electricity and running water), and the toilet paper and towel were damp! Ew! 

Here are a slew of pics from the explore!  

  Not a real government sanctioned sign. 



























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  • Really great pictures but I don’t think I would like to live in one. Rather creepy and I would think about lots of bugs. Plus I bet it is cold.

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