French Woman That Inspires Me: Jean Seberg

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A French woman who inspires me is Jean Seberg, an actress, who was a darling of the French New Wave films in the 1960s.  Her style was cool with a hint of sophistication, and can be replicated easily today.


One of the main reasons I chose Jean Seberg, specifically her role in the movie Breathless, was due to how the clothing still inspires me after about 58 years.  According to this article, “Godard encouraged his actors to wear their own clothing and make choices they thought appropriate for each character.”  (Godard was the director of the movie.)  No wonder the styles she wore held up and are still cool today.


BEYOND THE SEEN – New York Herald Tribune Breathless Shirt | H&M – Loafers |
Banana Republic – Sloan Skinny-Fit Solid Ankle Pant

Would you believe this shirt is available in real life?  I got it and had to recreate the look.  I even went and bought a newspaper just for it.  It looks like she’s wearing black slacks with loafers, so that’s what I got.  Mine are rolled up just because it made the pants hit at the ankles like hers.

1. Dresslily – Sleeveless Plus Size Striped A Line Dress | 2. I Sell What I Love – Summer Korean Linen Peter Pan Collar Striped T Shirt Dress | 3. Zappos – Unique Vintage Regina Shirtdress

This was a little more difficult to find but I think I’ve done fairly well.  The Peter Pan collar is the trick to this striped dress.  We’re lucky those are still in style!  And a stripe never goes out of style.  Jean made this look fun and flirty with a hint of sexiness, and you can, too.   

Inspires--Brenton-Shirt1. The Breton Shirt Co – La Mode Pull | 2. Nordstrom – London Fog – Knee Length Trench Coat | 3. Nordstrom – Love, Fire – Pleated Georgette Midi Skirt | 4. Nordstrom – Estella Bartlett – Copperfield Faux Leather Drawstring Bag | 5. Quay Australia – After Hours 50mm Square Sunglasses

This is my favorite outfit, mainly because I love a good stripe.  Yes, yes, the dress above had stripes, but there’s something quintessentially French about a striped shirt with sunnies.


1. Miu Miu – Striped cotton-blend dress | 2. Rag & Bone – Zoe Fedora | 3. Bar III – Mesh Bodycon Dress, Created for Macy’s | 4. Charming Charlie – Yang Open Circle Bracelet

I love this look.  It’s so fun.  Again, we have the stripes.  Jean loved her stripes, which I understand.  The hat added to this look really makes it sweet with a hint of sexy.  A few of these pieces are on the pricey side, but think of them as investment pieces.  Especially the hat.  You can pair that with anything!  It would look great with the first Herald Tribune outfit as well as the striped Breton shirt outfit.


1. Amazon – Xintianji – Women Lapel Double Breasted Long Trench Coat with Pockets |
2. Amazon – 
D Jill – Women’s Double Breasted Sleeveless Trench Coat Vest Dress with Belt

This last one was the most difficult to match to present day dresses.  The reason I went with trench coat dresses rather than a different type is because the fit is somewhat similar.  Especially the one with the belt.

Who do you look to for fashion inspiration?  Let me know in the comments below.  Oh, all these screenshots from the movie Breathless is from classiq and huge thanks to them for taking screen shots of the movie!


  • Didn’t know you could even find clothes like these. A great nostalgic collection of the best of the old with a touch of today.

    • I didn’t until I started looking either! It’s so cool that they’re still very “in” even though they’re older. 😉

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 I get commission for purchases or clicks made through links in this post. Usually that means I can get a fancy coffee at Starbucks. So thank you!

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