Fun Graphic T-Shirts I Want

Scrolling my insta feed I’m starting to see people posting things for Spring.  Even though it doesn’t feel like it yet, it’s time to get started on my spring wardrobe.  That means it’s time for another what I’m coveting post!  This time it’s a roundup from various retailers, take a peek!

We all love coffee, right?  That goes without saying, but this shirt combines our love for that morning and afternoon beverage and our fave night one as well.    

This one is SO me!  I heard the other day that women in their 20s still get up, shower and wash their hair.  By the time they hit their 30s, it’s dry shampoo all the way. 

Ban.do sells such cute stuff; desk stuff; tumblers and clothing.  Did you hear about that?  Well, feast your eyes on these babies (here, here and here) and tell me what you think! 

Now, I’m not a smoker and I don’t want to glamorize it, but… there’s something retro and cute about this t-shirt that reminds me of the art deco period.

This is the honest to goodness truth about me.  I often think I’d be really amazing at languages if I could take all the song lyrics out of my brain.

Now here’s a cute shirt that doesn’t smack you in the face with its message.  O.K., there is no message, but it’s a cute change to a boring plain T.  

I would wear this with a cute blazer on top.  It’s very me.  I’m short and all the other things written on it.  

I’m fully on board with the unicorn trend.  Have you guys seen the make-up?  I would pair this top with my grey metallic skirt.  For some reason I think it would be a fun combo!  There’s also this shirt, a little more vulgar, but fun!

I’m not even saying anything about this one.  Just click here.  Yeah, I think you know why.

I’m not sure if pineapples are still a thing, but I still like them.  They make me think of summer and when it will arrive this year.  

Growing up, I was a dancer, so I’m still drawn to anything that has to do with dance.  Like this shirt.  

And this last one is thrown in because it’s just too cute to resist!

What do you guys think?  Are you going to be sporting some graphic t-shirts this spring?  I’d love to see how you pair them.  Tag me on insta so I can see!  

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