Glamming Up for Valentine’s Day

I’m sure everyone knows what holiday is on the horizon.  The stores are full of red, hearts, and oh so much chocolate.  I picked the wrong time to be on the zero sugar diet, that’s for sure.  Let’s cut to the chase, Valentine’s Day is about two weeks away.  It’s another holiday where I like to rock a dress.  It doesn’t matter if you’re single (like moi) or married (like my sister), getting dressed up for the day makes me feel special.  This day usually makes single women feel all mopey and maudlin if they don’t have a significant other.  I blame not only the greeting card industry, the florists, but also all the stores that stock the red stuff.

Wearing a dress like this one makes me feel like I am a hottie who can take on the world.  I know I shouldn’t have to rely on a dress to feel that way, but it helps while I work on that part of myself.  I say put on your dress that makes you feel like YOU can take on the world and take yourself out for a drink.  Sure, you might feel scared and like you’re getting looks because you’re out alone on the night of couples, but there might be a guy on his own that night too because he doesn’t want to stare at a TV alone.  It does sound like the start of a Hallmark movie, but it could happen, you never know.

For all my marrieds out there — how long has it been since you dressed to impress?  Why not tonight?  I’m sure you have rezzies at a nice restaurant or are having a special dinner even if you make it — get into your sexy outfit and own the night.  It’s the one night where romance is a given, so why not embrace it?  Maybe 2017 is the year of romance and not just the year of the Rooster.  I’m getting on board with that one.  Will you?

Here’s what I’ll be rocking on Feb. 14.  If the dress looks familiar it’s because I bought it at the back to school shopping spree back in Sept!

Dress: Guess (similar) | Heels: Express | Ring: Constellation (from here)

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