Gucci Marmont Pump DUPE

I was watching Lydia Elise Millen the other day, and she was wearing the Gucci Marmont Pumps in one of her videos and blog posts here.  This was a little while ago, so hers were a pretty summer shade of pink.  Now that fall is coming, I was looking for the Gucci Marmont Pumps in a darker shade.  Of course they are way outside my price range, but a girl can dream, can’t she?

Imagine my good fortune when I discovered a fabulous dupe for the Gucci Marmont Pumps for a fraction of the price!  Check it out after the jump.

Gucci Marmont Pump


Franco Sarto Ainsley Loafer Pump

The Franco Sarto Ainsley Loafer Pump is a Gucci Marmont Pump without the double G.  That’s okay with me because we’re not much for broadcasting labels.

I love how ladylike these are.  The Marmont Pumps come in different heel heights, but I like the heel height of the Ainsleys.  They would be great for work with a navy blue suit and cream blouse, or with my vegan leather pencil skirt and a lightweight gray knit sweater.  They would even look great on the weekends with a pair of tastefully ripped jeans, ladylike bag and a cute flannel shirt, like this one from Rails.  (Dying to get our hands on one of these Rails shirts.)

I used to wear Franco Sarto shoes like 10 years ago but since then they’ve seemed clodhopper-ish, really blocky and masculine.  E.g., here (although now that the 90s are back in style, maybe these are too?)  Now that are you branching out into higher-end looking shoes, maybe I will come back to you Franco.

Stay tuned to see if we pick up these fabulous dupes for the Gucci Marmont Pumps.  If we do, we’ll be sure to share our looks!

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