Hair Accessories That Won’t Break The Bank

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Hair is something we rarely talk about here on ATPT, but that’s what we’re talking about today. I’ve seen some articles like this one that talk about how barrettes and headbands are making a reappearance. I’m on board for this trend because I love any way to keep my hair back. I’m usually a ponytail gal, but I’ve been trying to change up my look lately. Read on to see my picks to up your hair game.


1. Etsy – Dragonfly Bobby Pins, Set of Two | 2. Shopbop – Kitsch x Justine Marjan Glam Rhinestone Bobby Pin | 3. Saks Fifth Avenue – Lele Sadoughi Lele Sadoughi Velvet Knotted Headband | 4. Ulta – Riviera Mixed Shape Bobbie Pins | 5. H&M – Scarf/hairband – Pink | 6. Lelet NY – Cross Hatch Bobbi | 7. Anthopologie – Adorn 512 Jewelry Square Slide Hair Pin | 8. Target – Sincerely Jules by Scunci Sincerely Jules by Scünci Rhinestone Skinny Headwrap

Dragon-fly-bobbi-pinsThese dragon fly bobby pins are so pretty and dainty. They would look so lovely peeking out from a french braid, or holding back the sides of your hair. I like how they’re silver as well. They will stand out against the hair and call attention to the cool bobby pins.

Glam-BarretteAnother silver entry into our hair accessory pile. I would love to see this holding back one side of the hair. It would be cool if the other side sweeps back like old Hollywood glam. I also like that by wearing this you call yourself glam. We all should think of ourselves as glam! This will help reinforce the idea.

black-headbandAfter I read this post by Jenny of Margo and Me, I realized I have to add a bit of velvet to my current wardrobe. This black one fits the bill. It’s less pricey than the one she suggests, but still velvet and I like the knot on top. It’s a little different, and if you don’t know by now, I love things that are a little different.

barrettesThese bobby pins would look awesome holding back one side of your hair all in a row. It would be a bit like the ones Hailey Baldwin wore. Yes, this is from 2018, but it’s still cool now.

Scarf-HeadbandI’ve never been one to wear scarves in my hair, but I think it’s something I need to try. This one from H&M is a good entry into the hair scarf game. This would also look nice tied around a ponytail.

Criss-Cross-bobbi-pinsThese bobby pins look like a modern art piece or the start of a bird’s nest. All the same, I think they look cool with this bun. They would also look neat holding your hair half up and half down.

square-barretteThis square barrette is for my girls out there who are all about the elegance. This would look gorgeous in a half up half down do, or even holding a bun together. That would be for ladies who have thinner hair and can fit all of their hair inside it.

sparkly-headbandI always think that deep inside I’m one part hippy. This headband speaks to that side of me. If I was a person who goes to Coachella I would wear this. Since I think the whole festival has gotten too commercialized, I’ll just wear it in the summer and enjoy how it keeps my hair off my face. Did you know Sincerely Jules has an entire hair line at Target? You do now! This one is from her collection.

There you have it, my picks for fun hair accessories. So two of them are a little on the expensive side, but you’ll probably have them for years to come. They might also hold up better than the ones from Ulta. I want to know what you guys think – do you wear accessories in your hair? Are you going to start? Do you have the guts to stack bobby pins? Let me know or tag me on Insta to show off your bling!


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 I get commission for purchases or clicks made through links in this post. Usually that means I can get a fancy coffee at Starbucks. So thank you!

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