Hand Lettering

I’ve read that this is a new big thing in the world of crafting.  Being a DIY/Crafty person, or at least thinking that I am one, I got started on trying to make some of my own.  It’s rather fun to get all into it.  This is the finished product.

Hand lettering Attempt 2
Hand lettering Attempt 2

It’s labelled “Hand Lettering Attempt 2” because this was technically my second attempt.  The first one was awful and I can’t even show that.  But this was done freehand.  I used pencil first, then went over it with a sharpie.  I then made the Eiffel Tower with the beret on top.  Yes, that’s this woman’s attempt at a beret.  Not saying drawing is my forte.  But, yeah, beret.  Then I put it in my Photoshop Express app on my phone and inverted the colors to get the letters white.  All in all, not a bad attempt, eh?

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