Handbag Dupes: Hermes, Chanel, and Chloe

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My handbag envy is at an all-time high lately.  I will buy myself shirts, jeans, shoes, accessories – basically everything other than bags.  I just can’t make up my mind, and if I buy one, I want to buy an investment piece that will withstand the test of time. Of course I can’t afford such a bag, so I’ve went on the hunt for more affordable but still good quality dupes.  (And I want these to withstand the test of time too.  Usually I buy a Zara or Forever 21 bag that lasts but a season.)

More affordable dupes for the Hermes Eveylne, Chanel Classic Flap, Chanel Boy Bag, and Chloe Marcie, after the jump.

Hermes Evelyne

A few months ago I watched MakeupbyTiffanyD’s “What’s Inside My Bag,” and she’s sporting the Hermes Evelyne bag.  It is gorgeous.  The leather looks soft as butter, and the bag itself looks like it will hold a lot (ahem, hoarders rejoice), while hanging comfortably.  I started looking for similar style, and came across this Rebecca Minkoff Feed bag.  While the perforated H in the circle on the Hermes has my heart, I quite like the studs on the Feed bag, and it comes in several colors (of course I’m partial to the black . . . ).

A few other bags are on my wish list, so I got to thinking, are there dupes for other bags I’ve been coveting?

Chanel Classic Flap and Chanel Boy Bag

I’ve always been a fan of the iconic Chanel classic flap, and while there are plenty of cheap knock-offs if that’s your thing, this one is similar enough without trying to be the Chanel.

I’ve also been wanting the Chanel boy bag, and I luuuuurve the blue velvet one that Wendy’s Lookbook sports.  Of course not sure what I would ever wear it with, but I still love it.  Rebecca Minkoff (sensing a theme here?) makes a bag that is similar. I’ve looked at this at Nordstrom, and it doesn’t quite catch the light the way the Chanel version does, but it’s pretty close.

Chloe Mini Marcie Bag

The last one I’ve been eyeing is the Chloe Mini Marcie bag.  There’s something equestrian about this bag, no?  This and the Hermes might be the most functional for my lifestyle, so I am giving this one serious consideration, and by “this one” I mean this one – the dupe.

I know that these bags aren’t terribly inexpensive, but they’re much cheaper than $4,900.00, which is how much the Chanel 2.55 iconic flap bag is.

Here’s how I’m going to justify the “inexpensive” bag: Not only am I saving a huge chunk of money by not buying the original, but if I use the new bag a lot, the cost per wear decreases right?  What do you think is a fair cost per wear?

To summarize, here’s a nice demonstration of the reals v. dupes:

Let us know what you guys think!  Are there any other bags you all are coveting?  Leave a message and tell us.



 I get commission for purchases or clicks made through links in this post. Usually that means I can get a fancy coffee at Starbucks. So thank you!

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