Heading to Paris

I finally did it. I booked my flight to Paris! And got my hotels there as well. Expect to have a lot of posts on the wonderful city and countryside when I get back. I won’t be divulging exactly when I’m going. I always find that to be inviting danger! Remember people, even in this time of social media, we don’t need to tell everyone when we go on vacation, or even when we’re on vacation. I guess I’m a firm believer in ‘later-grams’ on everything! That being said, here are a couple of pics to whet your appetite!

In the pics, you’ll see a Rick Steves guide. I love him. I think he does the greatest tour books ever. I’ve never had the chance to take a tour from his company, but who knows, maybe in the future. Although, the books give such great, concise info, you can do it all on your own. And I do love being on my own. This trip, I’m planning on really soaking up the French culture. My grip on the language is pretty non-existent, but I am trying to learn some phrases to help me out.  


French dreams
Plotting the day
I want to go now!

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