Holiday Gifts for Book Lovers

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m a nerd.  I love video games, learning new computer programs and reading.  Guys, I’m obsessed with reading.  So much so that I even signed up for the Kindle Unlimited program where for $9.99 you can ‘rent’ books, up to 10 at one time, and keep them as long as you like.  When you finish that book, you return it, like you would at the library, and pick out new ones.  There are a number of newer books on the unlimited  program – I’ve always been able to find something I like to read.  No, this isn’t a big old ad for the program, I just get really excited sharing that with everyone I meet.


Now that we’re moving toward the holidays I thought what would I want someone to buy me that revolves around my favorite things – books!

I’ve created a little guide below of things I would like to get or give to someone who is just as much a fan of books like I am!  The items range from earrings to scarves to a pillow.  The ones I’m most curious about are the candles based on books.  Will they smell good?  Will they smell musty like disgusting libraries stacked with old books?  Guess you’ll need to buy them and let me know.  I also think the tote bag is tres cute, but will someone under the age of 30 know what a library card is?  Anyone have a guess there?


1. Library Card Tote Bag • $20  | 2. Literary Candles • $16  | 3. Literary Scarves • $48  |
4.  Book Earrings • $18  | 5. Pride and Prejudice Pillow • $52  | 6. Sherlock Holmes Cuff • $45

What do you guys think?  Would you buy any of these for someone you love?  What’s your favorite one?  Let us know in the comments below!

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