Holiday Party Ideas for the Last Minute Gal

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Party time!  Oh shoot, what do I wear?  Yep, last-minute gals, have no fear.  I have some options that will leave you looking like the hottie you are.  The best part of all is that they can arrive ASAP – in case you didn’t plan ahead.  Hey, we all do it, don’t beat yourself up.  Read on to find out where to get ’em!


Skirts and tops.  No one ever thinks of wearing these to a holiday party for some reason.  I say that outdated notion stops now.


1. New Look Satin Heeled Ankle Boot – ASOS | 2. Twist Front Velvet Tee – Soprano | 3. Daisie Pointy-Toe Pump – Steve Madden | 4. Metallic Pleated Skirt – Trouve | 5. Sequin Cami with V Neck – ASOS | 6. Tulle Midi Skirt – Halogen

I’m happy to report that metallics AND pleats are still in.  That means I can re-wear my skirt from last year, like the Duchess of Cambridge does.  Since I love her, I love that I’m taking cues from her in reworking my existing wardrobe to make it still on trend.  However, if you don’t have a metallic skirt, you can substitute tulle as I show above.  And since we’re celebrating, why not add a nice sequin top?

If skirts and tops aren’t your thing, why not go in a total different direction and try a jumpsuit?  Talk about trendy!  They can also be quite sexy, take a look below if you don’t believe me.


1. New Look Satin Heeled Ankle Boot – ASOS | 2. Charlie Sequin Jumpsuit – Dress the Population | 3. Closet Full Sequin Thin Strap Jumpsuit – ASOS |
4. Haide Feather Pompom Pump – Sam Edelman

I love a jumpsuit.  It’s one stop shopping.  You don’t have to antagonize over what matches with what.  I would jazz up the plain black sequin jumpsuit with the bright pink heel booties.  Talk about festive, fun, dare I say a little shocking?  The pompom pump with the Dress the Population jumpsuit brings a little of the bedroom into the party.  People will be marveling at the way you’ve infused sexiness into the otherwise boring party while still being all covered up and proper.

Our last choice is for those of us who think we look best in a dress.  Nothing wrong with that.  You’re a woman who knows what she likes and what looks great on her.  If that’s you, I have ideas for you.


1. Glamorous Bow Back Silver Heeled Sandals – ASOS | 2. Gemma Halter Lace Sheath Dress – Bardot | 3. Gold Velvet Wrap Midi Dress – ASOS | 4. Glamorous Blush Block Heeled Sandals With Pearl Embellishment – ASOS

Here we have a number of fun trends that are still going strong.  First up, a lace number.  Prim and proper, with a hint of sexiness.  I love it in the hunter green color.  It’s different from the usual black that everyone wears.  Pairing the dress with the blush heels with the pearl embellishment makes for a different color combination that’s sure to have people doing a double-take.  In the best way!

The velvet dress is very pretty and another trend that’s still here.  I like the gold color for this one because it reminds me of an ornament.  Not that you’re going to be a walking ornament, but it evokes happiness to me.  I like pairing it with the silver bow heels for a mixing of metal hues.  And who can resist a bow?  Certainly not me!

The best thing about all these are they’re from Nordstrom and Asos.  Guys that means fast shipping!  And free shipping at Nordies till Xmas!  So what are you waiting for?  Oh, yeah, these would be great New Year’s Eve outfits as well.  Just sayin’!  Let me know what you guys think!

 I get commission for purchases or clicks made through links in this post. Usually that means I can get a fancy coffee at Starbucks. So thank you!

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