Hoodie Blazer Combo – Boho Betty Bracelet

Hi all!  Hope you’re having a great hump day!  Today it’s a little rainy, so I decided to try my new hoodie blazer combo.  What’s that, you ask?  It’s a black blazer that has a zip in hoodie.    It’s not a full hoodie (lord knows THAT would be lumpy); instead, it’s like a dickie, and you zip and clip it in.  It has no arms or back – it’s just the sides that you see here and the hood. That’s it.

I cheered myself up with a Boho Betty bracelet I recently purchased.  I was contacted by the Boho Betty staff through Instagram about becoming an affiliate.  Before agreeing to that I needed to check these bracelets out first.  I have standards and don’t want to tout items that are garbage. I ordered the ones below and two more for my sister since we have different taste.  One great thing about the company is the wide array of styles.  They have classic, which is me, edgy which is totally my sister as well as bohemian and even yoga chic!  I wasn’t expecting to love these songs much as I do.  They’re easy to throw on in the morning since the clasp is magnetic.  Also, the one I have goes with practically everything and gives me an instant arm party.  Also, since we are an affiliate, if you got to their website and use this code: ABOVETHEPLUMTREE you get 20% off!






HOODIE BLAZER COMBO: Aqua Zip Out Hoodie Blazer  |  EARRINGS:  Kate Spade Rise and Shine Earrings |  MOTO PANTS:  Zara  |  BAG:  Zara  |  PUMPS:  Ann Taylor Mila Pumps (mine are suede, but loving the leather)  |  BRACELET:  Lynx Faux Suede Wrap Bracelet  |


Dark Matter Small Capp!!!  Follow them on Instagram Here 


PRIMER:  Tom Ford Complexion Enhancing Primer  |  FOUNDATION:  NARS Sheer Glow  |    |  LIPS:  Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick (color is Fiery)  |  BLUSH/CONTOUR:  Clinique Melon Pop blush mixed with Chanel No. 280 Joues Contrast Blush in Golden Sun, and Kevin Aucoin Contour Powder from the Contour Book

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