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Love These Heels – Only, How Do I Style Them?

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Heels are a woman’s best friend – well, after diamonds and dogs, obviously – but what do you do when you find the cutest pair but have no idea how to wear them? This is the problem facing longtime Above The Plum Tree reader, Liz. She bought the cutest gingham shoes and wants to wear them to a few weddings she’s attending this summer, but isn’t sure how to pair them. Never fear! I found 16 choices.

Gingham Heels

Now we all know why she bought them, right? The gingham pattern is on point for this summer and there are bows. Awesome combination of trendy and girly. Since these are navy, I have a lot of navy dresses, but I also like the idea of adding a pop of color to these, so there are a few colorful dresses as well.


1. Asos Design – Curve asymmetric ruffle broderie maxi dress | 2. Modcloth – Stated Sophistication Midi Dress | 3. Asos Design – Lace Insert Paneled Midi Dress| 4. Anthropologie – Gal Meets Glam Sylvia One-Shoulder Jumpsuit | 5. Modcloth – Polish Aplenty Fit and Flare Dress in Navy |
6. Nordstrom – Gal Meets Glam Collection Jane Tie Waist Midi Dress |
7. Talbots – Cotton Audrey Shift Dress |8. Anthropologie – Amadi Adler Tunic Dress | 9. H&M – Creped Dress | 10. Nordstrom – Ted Baker London Polly Structured Bow Dress | 11. H&M – Multiway Long Dress | 12. JCrew – Ruffle eyelet trim strappy dress in organic cotton | 13. JCrew – Ruffle tie-waist dress with rickrack trim | 14. Nordstrom – Chaus Laura Faux Wrap Midi Dress | 15. Nordstrom – Caslon® Favorite Linen Blend Maxi Dress |
16. Asos – Closet tie front dress with kimono sleeve

Since Liz asked for dresses that were fit for a rehearsal dinner, the wedding, and the reception so there are a few casual dresses in the bunch.

Rehearsal Dinner

Numbers 7, 8, 9, 12, and 13 are my picks for the rehearsal dinner. This would be a great time to go crazy with color and have fun. I love mixing bright colors like red with navy – it screams summer to me. Depending on how casual the wedding itself is, you might be able to get away with wearing numbers 12 and 13. If it’s more of a formal wedding, I’d stay away from the boho look.


For the wedding and reception the dresses are perfect. They can be worn for a formal wedding or a casual one with the heels. If you want a little more info on what is appropriate to wear to what type of wedding, check out this post from last year. Everything is still the same.

Colored Dresses

Number 1 is a pretty peach color that is perfect for a formal wedding. I love the asymmetrical hem line and the color. The navy heels will kick the outfit up a notch, making it fun. Imagine the way this dress will dance at the reception. You might have so much fun, you’ll kick off those heels and get down!

Number 6 is flirty and fun. Wear this if you’re flying solo to a wedding – you’ll definitely have fun. It’s another peach colored dress, which looks great with navy.

Number 7 is from Talbots. I never would have thought to look there for a wedding guest dress, but I found this pretty pinky dress with a keyhole neckline. This neckline is sophisticated while being a bit sexy, but not in your face sexy.

Number 10 is a splurge, but it’s so darn cute. That big bow with the bows on the heels – it’s a dream combination. It also is great for a formal occasion. In fact, if I was ever invited to a royal wedding (I can dream, right?) I’d wear this with a Phillip Treacey hat like this one.

Navy Dresses

Dresses 2, 3, 14, and 16 are the ones with sleeves. Some women tend to run cold and have no idea if the wedding or reception venue will be cold or not. Sleeves to the rescue! Sleeves are also good for those gals who don’t want to show a ton of skin in a church, or in general.

Keeping with the bow train on the heels and dresses, we have numbers 5 and 16. A bow can be fun and flirty, or sophisticated depending on how you pair it. Since we’re pairing them with the gingham heels, it will be fun and flirty. I think that’s great for a wedding. You are there to celebrate these two people pledging to live their lives together.

Numbers 4, 11, 15 are the ones that cover your legs. I can’t call them all dresses because there’s one jumpsuit in there. Longtime readers know that I love a good jumpsuit and this one, number 4, is sophisticated. Imagine it with the gingham heels poking out from beneath the navy pants. The one shoulder action makes it feel a little more formal. Number 11 can be worn in a multitude of ways – and that’s what’s so cool about it. I also like that it’s long and feels like it would be equally at home on the beach. Number 15 is quite similar to 11, but I like the detailing on the stomach area. It’s a little more formal than 11 as well.

There you have it. I hope this helps out longtime reader Liz. Those heels are awesome so you rock them at the rehearsal dinner and wedding this summer. If anyone else out there has a problem or wants help, just let me know. I love doing this stuff!


    • Me too! And did you check out the Philip Traecy hat? If I ever get invited to the Ascot races, I’m going to wear that!

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 I get commission for purchases or clicks made through links in this post. Usually that means I can get a fancy coffee at Starbucks. So thank you!

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