How To Coordinate Colorful Shoes with Your Outfit

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Colorful shoes are always a problem when one decides on their outfit. I love these red shoes – but what can I wear them with? The options of an all black ensemble is a typical choice, but is it a bit too boring? It can be, however, you can never go wrong with the choice. Let’s start with the typical choice – an all black outfit.

Colorful Shoes - All Black Outfit

Hat – Nordstrom – Brixton – Joanna Straw Hat | Shoes – Loft – Bow Mule Slides | Romper – Amazon Brand – Daily Ritual – Women’s Tencel Halter Romper

These pink bow slides are adorable and would be great with the all black romper. With this outfit, the shoes are the star. This would be great in the summer as well with the straw hat. I do have an affinity for these type of shoes…

Red and pink slides
Just chillin’

Let’s start to kick it up a few notches shall we? Another way I usually wear colorful shoes is with jeans. Jeans and black outfits are easy ways to ease in to color.

Colorful Shoes - Yellow

Shirt – Old Navy – EveryWear Slub-Knit Graphic Tee | Old Navy – Mid-Rise Distressed Boyfriend Straight Jeans | “Steal” shoes – Amazon – Shoe Land Anisha Women’s Square Open Toe Slides | “Splurge” shoes – Bottega Veneta – Lido leather sandals

In this outfit, the yellow of the shoes picks up on the yellow in the shirt. I believe you can get away with wearing pattern, or graphic t-shirts, with colorful shoes if you try to match one of the colors in it. Don’t think of this as a hard and fast rule, however, you can also go with a color that’s analogous (colors that are next to each other on the color wheel). I’ve included a splurge shoe here, the Bottega Veneta Lido sandals because they scream summer and happiness to me. The Amazon ones seems to be inspired by the Bottega ones for a far cheaper price. If you’re only going to have these for one season, go for the cheaper version. If you are obsessed with them and want to wear them for years to come – get the Bottega Veneta ones.

You won’t go wrong with this chambray dress option either.

Colorful Shoes - pink

Hat – Nordstrom – Brixton – Joanna Wool Felt Fedora | Sneakers – Nothing New – Women’s Low Top | Dress – Red Dress – Easy As It Seems Light Chambray Dress

Chambray dresses are very spring to me. It also creates a neutral background for the colorful pink shoes to stand out. Also these shoes are made from 100% sustainable materials, they’re eco-friendly, and they’re not a gazillion dollars. Top it off with this pink hat and you have an instagram worthy outfit.

We’re heading into the more colorful section now – are you ready?

Colorful shoes - Monochrome

Shirt – Loft – Lou & Grey Softserve Linen Pocket Tee | Shoes – Loft – Criss Cross Leather & Suede Clog Sandals | Pants – Loft – Lou & Grey Softstretch Linen Pants

This outfit isn’t for the faint of heart – it’s a colorful one. It also makes me feel happy just looking at it. It’s all from the Loft, which I haven’t really looked at in a while. The pants look so comfy which is what drew me to them. The pink color could be considered a double split complimentary color to the blue sandals.

Not that you have to delve into the color theory in order to match your clothes to your colorful shoes. For those of you who are really questioning it might be helpful. In the above picture, I used the Adobe Color Wheel.

This last outfit is pushing the color to the max.

Colorful shoes - Outfit 4

Shirt – Target – Who What Wear – Women’s Puff 3/4 Sleeve Top | Shoes – Soludos – Flamingo Platform Smoking Slipper | Shorts – JCrew – 4″ linen-cotton scalloped hem short

Pink and blue go together, with the pop of orange on the shirt is a wild card, but it goes. The Soludos are a shade of blue which compliments the shorts. And the flamingo is just darn adorable and the pink on them goes with the pink in the shirt. I also like how it’s such a cute outfit with the polka dots and the scallops.

I’d like you all to know that these are just some ideas to get you going. There’s no right or wrong anymore with color or patterns. If you want to wear certain things together because they make you happy but you’re not sure if they “go” together well enough – just wear them! The happiness you exude will convince people the outfit works. Let me know what you all think!

 I get commission for purchases or clicks made through links in this post. Usually that means I can get a fancy coffee at Starbucks. So thank you!

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