What I’m Coveting – Asos Edition

Ah fall, I love you so.  I’m so excited to wear tights with my dresses, sweaters, and boots.  Oh my gosh, I live in boots.  They are my fave shoe, as some of you might recall.  Asos is having a big ol’ sale right now and so that’s why it’s the star of our latest “What I’m Coveting” post.  Without further ado, here is what I’m dying to buy.



Bomber jackets are very in.  I like this one, mainly for the color.

This is just hella cool.  It even has leopard print!

For some reason I like this.  It reminds me a little bit of what Jenny of Margo and Me wore when she was in Paris.



I don’t think this would look great on me (mainly due to my chest size!), but I love it because it hits two trends that are big this year; velvet and the slip dress.

Depending on how low the front actually plunges, this could be a very work appropriate alternative to a boring old black dress.  And if it goes too low, why not throw on a lacy camisole to go underneath.

I think this dress is very cute.  I’d definitely have to check to see how it looked on, but it would turn heads going out to a bar.  It’s not incredibly revealing, but does show skin as well as leaving some to the imagination.


Ok, I’ve been seeing everyone on the Insta wearing these adorable off-the-shoulder sweaters.  I want!

I would probably live in this all winter.

This cardi looks so warm and cozy.  I see drinking hot chocolate in it!


These would look cool with a prim and proper dress, just to throw everyone off!

As soon as you see these, you’ll know why I put them on the list.  And I’m not even a huge fan of cats!

And the print on these is pretty.


Adding a bit of fun to these otherwise boring black pumps!

Back to the velvet – these are supposed to be very in.

These are just rad.

What do you guys think?  Do you agree with my choices?  How would you wear them?  What do you want from Asos for the fall?



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