What I’m Coveting – Zara Winter Edition

It’s almost time for the weekend and I am more than ready for it.  Anyone else feel the same way?  Maybe it’s the lack of sunshine here in NYC, but I’m all set for a weekend perusing the shops.  My first port of call will be Zara.  I browsed online today for some ideas.  I don’t like to go in to this store without a sort of plan.  This trip I’m more about blouses, dresses and skirts. Come along to see if you like the items I’ve chosen, or if you hate them.  Either way it’ll be fun!

Bit of a rocker vibe here.

Sorta similar to the Miu Miu ones, and so are these.  

Cute dress.

This is so different!  I think you need to be tall and thin to wear it, but I couldn’t resist throwing it in here because I just like it!

I’d rather have a vintage Ramones Tee, but this one and this will make me not feel like a poser. 

These look like space shoes!! 

This would be a great work top.

Ooh I love this.  I’m not sure if it might look a little like Seinfeld’s puffy shirt though… 

Who doesn’t love a star pattern?  I sure do.  If the dress isn’t your thing, here’s a shirt instead!

This would look great on a gal with a long torso — aka not me.  

Remember when I got my pleated metallic skirt?  Here’s a midi version.  I would totally rock it.
Big sleeves seem rather in judging from insta, I’d start off on the smallish side with these.

I’ve never thought about forest green heels before now.  And now that’s all I can think about!  

Still with the shoe thing, block heels that have a little pop of sparkle, glitter or something different are very on trend.  

At first glance it almost looks like this is a bra top, but nope, psych! It’s just double layered. With my love of tank tops, I will definitely be looking for this one.  

This one reminds me of my ruffle top from H&M! I like the red too.  

This blouse is just pretty.  It could be dressed up with pearls, a blazer and a skirt, or can look casual with jeans and sneaks.  

A slightly different take on a jean skirt, with an asymmetrical cut and fraying, as well as being black.  Me likey! 

What do you guys think?  Any that jump out to you and scream buy me?  If so, tell me in the comments!  I’d love to see your scores!

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