Is it a Tattoo? No, it’s perfume!

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Perfume is a bit of a loaded subject. It’s hard to find the right scent, some people wear too much, and some of the scents make one seem like an old lady. Don’t shoot the messenger, you know it’s the truth! It has been around for thousands of years, though. The oldest ones found were over 4,000 years old in Cyprus. Interestingly enough, tattooing goes back to 3370 – 3100 BC. I’m surprised it took this long for a perfume company to combine the two, but Diptyque has just done that. They’ve recently (in the past two months) released an Eau Rose Perfumed Sticker for the Skin.

sticker perfume tattoo

I went to an event at Diptyque in Chicago a few weeks ago that was hosted by Rebecca Plotnick of Every Day Parisian. (It’s a really great blog and she’s a fab photographer, you should check her out!) We were checking out this one gal’s interesting looking tattoo. Turns out it wasn’t a tat at all! She introduced us to their newest products: Prêts-à-Parfumer.

There were three different items in this new line – a perfumed brooch, a perfumed bracelet, and the perfumed stickers. The brooch is a bird, the same bird as the diffuser. What’s up with the bird you wonder? “Inspired by the bird “callers” for hunting that Desmond Knox-Leet and Christiane Gautrot decorated with their designs and sold in the shop of 34 boulevard Saint Germain. This bird was designed by the studio Jean-Marc Gady.” The perfume is housed in a little compartment behind the bird right by the pin. It is rather expensive and I didn’t really like the perfume too much, so my sister and I passed on getting that one.

The perfume bracelet also had a pretty cool twist to it. It has a detachable clasp and the ‘bracelet’ part of it is where the perfume resides. You pull out how much string you’d like and wrap it together with the clasp. It’s a cool concept but I’m not a huge bracelet wearer. So that was a pass as well.

Then we asked about the woman’s tattoo. That’s when we found out it was a perfumed sticker. How cool is that? It’s medical grade adhesive and comes with 5 in the box. Each sticker can be worn about 3 times and the scent is still potent. When we bought it I wasn’t sure about the scent at all. Once I had the sticker on my wrist I was surprised to find out that the smell is pretty and incredibly light. It’s not gonna whack you in the face with the smell or make your asthma act up. (Yes, it’s happened!)

What do you all think? Is this something you’d try or is it too much for you? Perhaps you’re a fan of the other items in this post. If you end up getting any of them, let me know! This post isn’t sponsored or anything – I just think it’s cool and wanted to let you guys know.


  • I think this is a pretty cool idea and wouldn’t mind giving it a whirl actually. I’m not a fan of potent scents but like a stronger scent for evening escapades! Will have to look into these scented tattoos!

  • That is really cool and I’m glad you’re enjoying it! Did you bring to LA? It seems very appropriate for LA.

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 I get commission for purchases or clicks made through links in this post. Usually that means I can get a fancy coffee at Starbucks. So thank you!

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