The Lost Season: 5 Musts For Your Wardrobe

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The Lost Season: 5 Musts For Your Wardrobe

The holidays are over, and spring feels light years away.  We’ve put away our holiday clothes and our NYE bling, and it will be months before we can break out our pastel, whimsical spring clothes.   

What fashion season are we in now (besides endless winter)?  This is what my sister and I call the Lost Season.  Why?  Because designers and manufacturers seem to have forgotten about these few months.  This is a shame because people have renewed sense of purpose this time of year; they’re revitalizing their lives, and their wardrobes.  And yet there are no “signature” styles this time of year.  Summer has nautical styles; fall evokes warm autumnal colors, with boots and the start of wearing jackets; the holidays beg for velvet, tartan, and party frocks; and spring brings a confection of easter-Sunday ready soft clothing.   So what about January – March?

So what do we wear in the Lost Season?

We try to keep the festive spirit alive while also starting to work in pops of spring so that by the time of the last frost, we – like our flower garden – are starting to bloom.  We do this by restyling and repurposing items received or purchased during the holidays, mixing up the formality of holiday clothing with the upcoming ease and softness of spring.

Below is a list of our top 5 tips for dressing in the Lost Season. 

  1. Embrace Patterns

Patterns break up a monochromatic outfit in a fun way which helps reduce the depressing sea of greys and blacks that seem to make up my winter wardrobe.  It doesn’t have to be a stripe; a houndstooth, plaid, polkadot, or animal is enough to jazz up that boring outfit. 

2.  Stop Wearing Jeans

This is a big one for me.  I live in jeans.  At last count I had 15 pair… But they’re all so different!  Athleisure wear has grown over the past 7 (!) years so it has become socially acceptable to wear your leggings out on the town.  Not only that, but according to Trendstop, Morgan Stanley predicts it will still be here in 2020!  I say break out the leggings, ladies!  If those aren’t your thing, the Lost Season is the perfect time for corduroy in a fun color like this sky blue.  I’d also make the case for skirts and dresses; knife pleats are on trend, metallics, or patterns (two musts in one!).

3.  Continue to Sparkle

Yes, Christmas and NYE are over, but that doesn’t mean you have to put away your sparkly accessories.  Especially if you just received them as a gift for the holidays.  Break ‘em out and incorporate them into your look, but follow this one simple rule:  when wearing sparkle, make the rest of your look casual.  Whereas during the holidays you might wear a rhinestone necklace with a lace dress for a holiday cocktail party, now wear the necklace over a pastel pink blouse, which brings us to our next rule . . .

4. Begin to Incorporate Froth

We can see spring from our house – and while it’s pretty far in the distance, we want to start incorporating some of the spring wardrobe hallmarks now.  It may be too early for trench coats and florals, but we think frilly and pastel pieces are perfect for the Lost Season.  We say begin to incorporate some frothy looks!  This top in ivory would be perfect to start your froth.  We first spotted it on Shopper Mandy, in her YouTube Video and on her Instagram page.

5.  Add a Pop To Your Feet

During the Lost Season, we want to live in our Uggs, knee-high boots, or sneakers.  While there’s nothing wrong with that, try to incorporate something a little different.  Consider a pop of color, like the ones from this post.  Or, pull out the brogues with a metallic tint this time.  These colorful ballet flats with writing on the toe are a welcome addition to any outfit.  I know I would love looking down at my feet and being reminded to smile.  These heels would brighten up any outfit as it lends a somewhat sexy vibe with the lace-up detailing on the back.  And if you must wear Uggs (and yes, some of us must), then try something other than the classic style in chestnut that every soccer mom and her teenage daughter are wearing.  We have these black leather quilted pair of Uggs.  If Chanel made Uggs, this is what they’d look like. 

We’ll be following these rules during the Lost Season.  Will you?  We’d love to hear what you wear during the Lost Season.  Tag us in your Instagrams!  We want to see how you take these ideas and make them your own.  Use #thelostseason and we’ll be sure to find you. 

 I get commission for purchases or clicks made through links in this post. Usually that means I can get a fancy coffee at Starbucks. So thank you!

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