Maybelline Gigi Hadid Jetsetter Palette and Lip Kit Review

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Gigi Hadid Jetsetter Palette - look 2

Gigi Hadid Jetsetter Palette - openGigi Hadid Lip Duo

My sister gave me the Gigi Hadid Jetsetter Palette for Christmas, along with one of her lip kits (which come with a lipliner and lipstick from the collection).  Below are my thoughts on the packaging and products.



The Jetsetter palette comes in a beautiful peachy nude rectangular box with holographic silver typeface.  This is perfect for nude makeup lovers, which includes yours truly.  (My sister says I wear too much taupe, but one can never have enough taupe, right?  There are so many shades!)  The box is cardboard, with a nice size mirror on the upper flap.  (I never understand brands that don’t include a mirror.) So Gigi/Maybelline checks that box.

Interestingly, the part that contains the makeup is actually plastic – not cardboard, which is nice for travel because it feels durable.  Around the edge of the palette is a silvery holographic material, which is a nice luxe touch.  I think the design is well done on this palette.

Gigi Hadid Jetsetter Palette

At first I wondered why the palette was so deep and thought a slimmer design might have been better given that it is for travel, but the depth is to accommodate a mini Colossal Volume Express Mascara in black, .15 fl oz.  It’s a decent size mascara, and I don’t mind the extra depth to house this.  After I finish this mascara, there are other minis I could probably fit in here.

The palette is well laid out with cream products on the left, eyeshadows/liner in the middle, and face products on the right, with room for two brushes – one is a face brush and the other is a double ended eye shadow brush.

Some of you may be wondering if the Jetsetter palette has a magnetic closure, and it does not, but this doesn’t bother me as it holds together well.) If you hold it upside down, though, the mascara and brushes will fall out.)  Also, unlike with the Lorac Pro palettes, where you can easily flip the top backwards and tuck it under the other half of the palette, this doesn’t work well with the Jetsetter palette.  I think because it is a little deep, it doesn’t accommodate the “flip back” real well.  It’s possible, just not ideal.


The colors in this palette work well for my fair skin tone.


There is a light and medium toned concealer in the palette.  I love when brands put concealers in palettes because it is convenient; one last makeup product to pack.  The lighter concealer works well under my eyes, and I can mix the two concealers for a nice face concealer color.  The darker concealer is just a little dark for me on its own.

The concealer had good staying power, but I did set it with my Laura Mercier invisible setting powder.  I just love to bake with this.  (I was opposed to baking for the longest time, but then the first time I tried it, I kept asking a friend at work, “why are my undereyes so smooth?!?!?!?”  I couldn’t believe it and was touching them all day.  It’s because of the baking technique, so now I swear by it.  It makes me feel like I have 16 year-old undereyes again.)


I was unsure what the two products under the concealers were, but they are lip balms!  I can’t remember the last palette I had that came with lip balms (as opposed to lipsticks or lip glosses).  Usually lip products in palettes are either way too stiff or goopy, but these are neither.  The consistency on these is so smooth, really nice.  The first one is a nude peachy color.  You do have to layer these on to get some color, but the colors are beautiful.  They feel high end.  The second balm is a true pink that I would say is more cool toned.  I layered them together for a nice peachy pink look with a coral lean.  They have a wonderful shine to them and are hydrating on the lips.  They don’t have great staying power, but that’s okay because they do keep the lips hydrated while on, and I will trade a hydrating balm for a drying product that stays anyway.  I can’t wait to try them with a lipstick or lipliner underneath or a gloss on top.  I wonder if they will stay better with a liner under.  Will have to try it.

Update:  When I was swatching these on my hands, my hands felt so hydrated where I did the swatches, even when I removed the product!


Palette brushes are generally not my favorite, but one of my new year’s resolutions is to “simplify,” and this includes using travel makeup brushes when I can.  The Jetsetter palette comes with a flat-handled face brush, and a double sided smaller detail brush.  The face brush is a nice shape because it is slim (like the Nars Ita) and can apply blush but also contour out the cheekbones.  On the detail brush, one end is an eyeshadow blending brush, and the other end can be used as a shader or even concealer brush.  I used the blender side two ways:  To pack color on and to blend it out.  Then I used the other end of the brush (the flat side) as an eyeliner brush, which worked well.  I just dipped the tip in the darker colors and lined by eyes with it.

Eye Products

There are four eyeshadows, one (or two) of which can be used as eyeliners.  The lightest shade is a light cream highlight, with very very fine microparticles of sparkle.  The sparkles are invisible when you apply it, and the shade looks like a metallic cream/white.  This is nice as an inner corner highlight or brow bone highlight.  For a simple look, I’d even wear it all over the lid with the next color in the crease.  The next shade down is a cool tone purply-mauve.  That’s probably misleading because it’s not really purple, it’s more of a light mauve.  This shade is beautiful all over the lid and I have enjoyed wearing this shade the most.  Below that is a true brown (leans warm) that blends out very nicely as a crease color but can also be darkened for a smoky look or work as a liner.  I haven’t tried this yet but I blended this out on my hand and thought it could also work as a contour.  Below that is a black eyeshadow, which I used as an eyeliner, but which could also be used for a smokey eye.  I like that you have options for different looks with just these four shades.

Face products

The palette comes with three face products:  a bright peach blush, light brown bronzer (lighter than the brown eyeshadow), and a pearlescent pink highlighter with glitter.  The blush is VERY pigmented.  It’s not my favorite shade in the palette, but blended out I can work with it.  You need to use a light hand with that one!  The bronzer is very warm, warmer than the brown eyeshadow in the palette.  It’s a nice color for bronzer, but it can lean orange.  The brown eyeshadow would be better for contour because it is more of a true brown.  While the blush and bronzer are just aaa-ight for me, the highlighter is fabulous!  The highlighter feels like a baked gelee product, meaning it feels like a cream to powder. It is nicely metallic and the glitter particles are subtle – not as subtle as in the cream eyeshadow, but they don’t look like you’re ready for new year’s eve.  I really love the highlighter and think it may be the best product in the palette.  I put it on my sister’s cheeks and all day raved about how great it looked.

Taura Lip Kit

In addition to the palette, my sister gifted me a lip liner and lipstick from the collection.  The color of both is Taura, and they come together.  There are 6 shades in total, including some pretty reds.  I think these are exclusive to Ulta.  The Taura lipliner and lipstick are both matte, and Gigi provides instructions for application on the Maybelline website for a contoured lip look.  (The contoured lip look is a bit much even for me, but I do like using the two products in the normal way – I line, then I apply.)

The lip liner is a twist up, and it is really hydrating!  I am surprised because usually drug store lipliners are drying.  This is slightly darker than my regular lip color so it give some a nice shadow and definition to the edge of my lips.  The best part, though, is that the lipliner comes with a sharpener!   I haven’t seen a drug store lipliner that comes with a sharpener before.  The sharpener is in the base of the lipliner, you just give it a pull and the sharpener pops out.  This is important for travel, so I think this is a great feature of the collection.

The lipstick is very nude, so for me I will want to wear a gloss on top, but this is definitely a great throw-back to the 90s, which is so in right now.  The image below makes the lipstick appear rosier than it actually is.

Gigi Hadid Lip Duo

The lipstick feels smooth on the lips – not too drying but it is not as hydrating as the balms in palette.   It is a nice hydration for a matte lipstick from the drugstore.  I’ve tried higher end mattes that are more drying than this.


I am impressed with the Gigi Hadid collection.  She and Maybelline have designed a set of products that are actually usable, functional, and good quality.  While some of the face products are better than others, on the whole, this seems like better-than-drugstore quality products from Maybelline.  I have 5 trips scheduled in January already, and the Gigi products will be my main makeup products that I bring (you will still need foundation and eyelash curler).

Now if only Gigi could share her fabulously long legs . . .


 I get commission for purchases or clicks made through links in this post. Usually that means I can get a fancy coffee at Starbucks. So thank you!

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