Most Worn Dresses of 2018

My most worn dresses of 2018 are actually a surprise to me. I have the Echo Look, which I adore because it allows me to take full length pictures, see how the outfits look, keep a log of outfits, create collections, and have Alexa create collections for me. This is how I found my most worn dresses of 2018. Aren’t you curious?

There were actually two dresses that got the most love from me this year. The first is my James Perse dress, which was a bit pricey, but since I’ve worn it so much, the cost per wear has definitely brought it down. I love this dress because it’s so comfortable, I can dress it up or down as seen above, and it’s good for hot or cold weather depending on what I drape over it.

The second is an older dress, circa 2014, from the Loft outlet. I actually wore this more than the Perse one which surprised me. It was a hot summer, that’s why this one got so much play. It looks great with sandals or sneakers, as you can see. I also like that it defines my waist.

The first dress is still available from James Perse, I’ve linked it below. The second dress isn’t, so I’ve found some that are similar, but with long sleeves, since it is winter right now. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any with as cool a pattern as the one I own, but these are still pretty.

1. Nordstrom – Michael Stars Racerback Midi Dress |
2. Gap – Strappy Ribbed V-Neck Tank Dress |
3. James Perse – Ribbed Tank Dress  |
4. Express – Petite Textured Surplice Fit And Flare Dress |
5. Lord & Taylor – Miss Selfridge – Lace Fit-&-Flare Dress |
6. Nordstrom – Dress the Population – Catalina Tea Length Fit & Flare Dress

The Gap (number 2) is the best value option. The others are more expensive (number 3, I’m looking at you), but if you wear it as much as I’ve worn mine, it definitely evens out.

My pick for getting close to my patterned v neck dress is number 5. I always run hot, so the short sleeves would be perfect for me. The other two are great picks as well. Again, the prices vary, and number 6 is the high one in this bunch. However, if you look at the silhouette, along with the pockets, it might be worth the extra money.

So what do you guys think? Do you like these silhouettes? Are you at all interested in an Echo Look? I basically use mine for the daily pictures and asking about the weather, but I love it. Plus, you can tell if you’re wearing too much black and need to add color to your wardrobe. Yes, guilty on that front!


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