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Your face is the first thing people notice… then the eyes, the hair, the mouth, et al, but it’s your entire face that people see at first.  Until recently, I never thought much about protecting my face other than wearing sunscreen.  What caused this change, you ask?  I’m getting older and have been noticing my poor little face going through some changes.  For example, I have intense dark circles under my eyes and my face is super dry all the time now.  I find this annoying.  Thank goodness there are a whole slew of products at my fingertips to combat this problem.  Only, what is the best?   Read on friends for my favorite products to keep my face in shape.  

Face Products - All

Face Wash:  Lancer Method

I use the Lancer method face kit.  I was lucky enough to try it for free last year and fell in love with it.  I use the “polish” every day.  I’ve noticed that works great for me and I don’t use the other two parts.  When I first started the kit I would use them, but I tend to get a little lazy.  Don’t be me.  LOL! 

Face Products-Lancer

Dark Under Eye Circles:  VII Code Oxygen Eye Mask for Dark Circles

Last year I was lucky enough to try out VII Code’s regular under eye oxygen masks and this year they let me try the eye mask for dark circles.  They stay on overnight for 8 hours and when you wake up your under eyes feel so moisturized it’s ridiculous.  I was skeptical at first if these masks would reduce the darkness under my eyes.  Guess what, they did.  I’m not going to tell you that this mask makes them disappear completely, nothing will do that, but these will diminish the circles.  I only wish there were more masks inside the box.  Guess what? VII Code is giving my readers $5 off site wide with the code: Tori (ends 7.15.2019). I don’t get any portion of this, it’s just for my readers, so get on it!

Face Stuff-VII Code Dark Under Eye Mask

Eye Wrinkle Reducer:  VII Code Hydrating Eye Spray 

According to the website this spray will; “Relieve the depression and exhaustion caused by the stress of life such as day and night, urban pollution, and rejuvenate the young eyes. Not only can tighten and maintain skin moisture, but also help reduce the appearance of wrinkles.”  I’m not sure it does all that, to be completely honest, I like the mist.  It’s incredibly refreshing.  I think it would be perfect to bring on long flights to moisturize and rejuvenate.  

Face Stuff-Hydrating Eye Spray

Dry Skin:  First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair® Cream Intense Hydration Mini

My skin has been so dry lately.  This cream has been my savior.  I slather it on every morning and night.  It does exactly what it says.  The best part of all is that you only need the mini size.  It lasts.  

Face Stuff-First Aid

I hope this helps you guys.  I know I struggle to find the right combination of products to take care of my sensitive skin.  Let me know if you end up getting any of these products and how they work for you.  


  • My favorite is the First Aid moisturizer. I also use this every day and I live in Phoenix where it is really dry.

    • Yeah! You’re the one who suggested it to me, and being from such a dry climate, you definitely know the good stuff!

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 I get commission for purchases or clicks made through links in this post. Usually that means I can get a fancy coffee at Starbucks. So thank you!

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