My Top 8 Black Women Owned Businesses

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As we’ve come to realize in the past month, we need to frequent black owned businesses more – in particular, I want to start buying from black owned WOMEN businesses more. One of my long time readers challenged me to find some great black owned businesses at which she could shop. I hope as she reads this, she is pleasantly surprised that I focused my search on women in particular. I wouldn’t call myself a feminazi, but I want to be a person who lifts up other women and pushes them to do their best. I am so tired of women cutting each other down in order to rise in their own position. There’s plenty of pie for us if we shove dudes out! (tee hee hee!)

In doing my research for this post, I came across a bunch of businesses that were the same in every major publication and I didn’t want to regurgitate the same old, same old. I ended up doing a deep dive and finding a great resource called Shoppe Black, which is actually pretty darn cool and chock full of information. My choices run the gamut from jewelry to a fun game to play. Yep, it’s all over the map, but if you’ve been following along with me for a while, you know that’s how I roll.

Black women owned products

1. Chocolate Secrets – hand painted bon bons | 2. Etsy – Creative Minx Co – Hello Gorgeous Tumbler | 3. Etsy – Don’t Sleep Interiors – Hidden Figures Katherine Johnson mug | 4. Brilliant or BS – Game | 5. Etsy – QT Planner Co – planner stickers | 6. ASE Naturals – Bath Soak | 7. Satori Notes Jewelry – Know Your Worth bracelet | 8. Pear Nova – Nail Polish

Number 1

Don’t these chocolate bon bons look delectable? I could see myself sitting on the couch eating these and watching TV. It’s the modern day, “let them eat cake,” sort of mood. And, if you’re lucky enough to live in the Dallas area, you can get a gorgeous chocolate figure, like a Chanel bag! Who wants to take a road trip as soon as Texas’s Covid numbers start to get better?

Black owned women biz - tumbler

Number 2

If you’re anything like my sister, this one is for you. First off, it’s a tumbler, secondly, it’s pink, and third, it has a cute saying on it! This etsy store has such cute and fun products. I am also drawn to the eyelash pillowcases. I mean, if you take a look you will not be disappointed!

black owned women mug

Number 3

Here’s another black owned woman entrepreneur on Etsy who has the cutest mugs. In addition to this Katherine Johnson one from Hidden Figures, she has the other two characters and some other items like pillowcases and wall art. Hidden Figures was one of my favorite movies – I couldn’t believe I’d never heard the story before, but as my eyes continue to open, I’m learning there are a lot of stories I haven’t heard yet.

Number 4

We’ve been home for months now; I’m going on month 4, not sure about you! It would be nice to have a game to play with friends in person (if you’re wearing a mask!), or it even has a way to play ‘virtually’ with your friends. The idea of calling out my sister on her BS is definitely appealing!

Number 5

Another black women owned biz is this Etsy store called QT Planner Co. The planner world is big time and in doing some research it doesn’t seem that black women are well represented in stickers. Well, Sophia is changing that – I mean look how cute these are!

Number 6

Ooh doesn’t this look pretty? Well, it’s not just to look great on your bathroom countertop, it’s a bath soak. The owner started her company to: “people create daily skincare rituals that promote self care and mindfulness with natural ingredients from the earth, connecting you with the high vibration of plants.

Well I am going to turn to this the next time I want to have a self-care Sunday. I think this will be a great addition.

Number 7

I love the message on this bracelet. Talk about knowing your audience. The company’s mission is “…to create jewelry pieces that awaken the world-conquering, fearless, boss babe within! We are dedicated to creating shit that reminds you daily that you are a powerhouse.”

Um, yes please! This is a great alternative to the mantra bands that I also like, although these are a little more in your face. It’s also great to buy from black women owned businesses.

Number 8

I seem to be obsessed with nail polish lately. It must be due to the fact I can’t go to my local nail salon. I was thrilled to come across this woman owned business that includes regular nail polish as well as gel for you die hards. Their colors are a little different from your usual Essie or OPI, which is super cool. I’m eyeing the fun colors myself!

I hope this is a list that helps you support black women owned businesses. It’s a broad list, but hopefully there’s something on here that piques your interest. If you know of other cool ones, leave the links below!


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 I get commission for purchases or clicks made through links in this post. Usually that means I can get a fancy coffee at Starbucks. So thank you!

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