My Top 8 Pretty Interior Decor Pieces

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I’ll admit it, Covid-19 has turned my focus from clothes to interior decor. Why would I keep going on and on to you, my loyal readers, about things I’m not really going to wear when I’m at home alone. Let’s all agree, no one feels like dressing up just to sit at your desk at home. I wonder if I’ll ever get excited to put on new, semi-fancy, clothes again. And by semi-fancy, I’m talking Ann Taylor! tee hee hee.

This pic above is from March, back before the virus hit, and I was doing Rent the Runway, and a dress. Hands up if it’s been about 5 months since you last wore a dress!

That’s why I’ve moved on to home decor pieces like these 8 I’ve picked. Guess what, it doesn’t matter if you’ve gained or lost weight, these interior decor items will be the same no matter what happens to you!

interior design picks top 8

1. Luxe B Pampas Grass – Bleach White Dried Floral Pampas Promo Pak  | 2. Walmart – MoDRN Naturals Water Hyacinth Herringbone Basket with Leather Handles, Round, Set of 2 | 3. Target – Threshold™ – Tetra Boarder Rug | 4. Mixtiles -Turn your photos into wall art | 5. Amazon – Bed Maker’s Tailored Wrap-Around Bedskirt Never Lift Your Mattress Classic 14” Drop Length Pleated Styling, White | 6. Walmart – MoDRN Glam Blush and Gold Ceramic Planter | 7. Urban Outfitters – Carter Triangle Bracket Wall Shelf | 8. Target – As Seen on TV Socket Shelf by Sharper Image

Number 1

Pampas grass – who knew it was so cool looking? Not your girl over here. I am somewhat obsessed with it. Like I keep thinking I need to get some, but then I think I need a large floor vase, look at the prices, and realize I don’t need this right now. However, if this continues to drag on, I might break down and buy it. Then I’ll feel like a real interior designer.

Number 2

Baskets, baskets, baskets – “the limit does not exist” on how many you can have. These are from Walmart, come with both baskets, and have great handles. Just think of the number of blankets you can shove in these babies.

interior decor target rug

Number 3

This is a very cute rug from Target. My sister owns it now and thinks it’s great. She will probably kill me because I’m showing the pic from her house of it looking fine below. I’m on the fence right now about ordering it for my place as well. I love a good stripe even if it’s in interior decor and not clothing.

From the mixtile website -

Number 4

These are a cool way to create a gallery wall quickly. I heard it’s really easy as well. My sister ordered these for Father’s Day for my brother-in-law. They look very cool. They’re also very lightweight, but the quality is stellar. So buy them for you now, or keep them a secret and surprise your family or friends with a thoughtful gift.

interior decor bed skirt

Number 5

Ok, this one is out there. It’s a tailored bedskirt. I only thought they were old ladies and ruffly. Boy, was I wrong. Look at this tailored one from Amazon. It’s also cool because you don’t have to lift up the mattress and struggle to get the bedskirt to fit correctly on the box spring – it has a special way of holding the skirt in place so you don’t have to pick up the heavy mattress, just sort of shove the fabric in and keep it in place with their bands. This is on my list.

Number 6

Another great Walmart find. I’ve seen a lot of people shopping there lately and thought I’d take a gander. I like this planter, maybe because it’s pink and gold. I think it looks classy and would look great on a kitchen countertop with a plant in it. I’m still looking into where I want to get a plant from because the Home Depot by my house was tres disappointing.

Number 7

These shelves are rose gold! And they just balance on a nail head. That’s what drew me to them because I have two nails sticking out in my bathroom from the previous tenant. Currently they hold an empty hanger in case I need to steam something (not doing that lately!) and the other holds my shower cap. I think they would be better utilized with two of these shelves. What do you guys think?

Number 8

ABC 5 in Arizona has a segment called “Smart Shopper,” but people know it more as “Bull or No Bull.” It puts ‘as seen on tv’ products to the test before telling you the claims are bull or no bull. She actually tested out an amazon one, but this one looks like it’s even better quality. As you can tell, I’m really into shelving at the moment.

As far as the interior decor pieces go, are there any that catch your eye that you can’t live without? If you end up getting something, let me know! I love hearing from you guys.


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 I get commission for purchases or clicks made through links in this post. Usually that means I can get a fancy coffee at Starbucks. So thank you!

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