Outdoor Summer Picks for a Fun Filled Time

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Outdoor summer summer time. Oh yeah, we’re almost there. And unlike last year, this year is gonna be a fun time. You might think I’m writing this a bit early because the first day of summer isn’t until June 20th, but you don’t want these items to be sold out before then! You gotta jump on these fun finds as fast as you can.

Outdoor Summer Fun Time

1. Target – Minnidip Pool: That’s Banana leaves | 2. Walmart – Alger Aluminum Outdoor French Bistro Chairs | 3. Walmart – Groveport Aluminum Outdoor French Bistro Table | 4. Target – Asweets 1010400223 Indoor 43 x 55 x 36 Inch Childrens Kids Cotton Fabric Mini Camper | 5. Target – Sun Squad – 17oz Plastic Tumbler With Straw | 6. Amazon – Lahawaha Outdoor Picnic Blanket | 7. Anthropologie – Countryside Picnic Basket | 8. Oriental Trading – Parasol Picks with Large Hibiscus Print Flowers (144 pieces) | 9. Amazon – Gray Malin Italy Two-Sided Puzzle | 10. Anthropologie – Matte Latte Bowls, Set of 6 | 11. Target – Sun Squad – Large Pineapple Kite | 12. Crate&Barrel – Dundee Citronella Candle

Minnidip Pool: That’s Banana leaves

Who says pools are just for kids? Look at this one from Target. I’m in. I plan to lounge in this one at my sister’s house this summer. I might let my nephew and my sister in… I might not. Muhahaha!

Outdoor Summer Bistro Table and Chairs

French Bistro Vibes

Unfortunately, these don’t come as one set, but I love how they give off French bistro vibes. For those that have been to France, they always have the bistro chairs and tables out – in the winter, in the summer, they are there. Since traveling is hard right now (even though France is slated to open to tourists in July), why not bring some of France to you? This is also a great set for someone who lives in an apartment or condo and has a balcony.
(chairs | table)

Paris, before COVID times
Outdoor Summer Camper

For the Kiddos

I couldn’t help but include this one for the kids. Isn’t this camper so adorable? You can put it up inside or outside and it says it’s a great place for kids to read, or just hang out in their own space. Growing up my sister and I would go camping almost every weekend with our parents and their camping club, so this brings back memories. In a way more fun way though.

Eating and Drinking

In summer it’s all about eating outside, am I right? I love this fun pineapple drink cup from Target. I actually own this and find it brightens up my entire kitchen, even when I’m not drinking from it. I included the parasol picks because it’s another thing that screams summer to me. You don’t even need to put it in a piña colada or some fancy alcoholic drink – these will make you feel summery no matter what it’s in. These do come in a pack of 144 pieces so you’ll probably have them for years to come.

Something I’ve always wanted to do is have an outdoor summer picnic using a real picnic basket on a gingham blanket. I’m not sure where I got this idea, but every summer I think I’m going to do it. The red blanket is specifically for outdoors and how nice is it that you can roll it up and carry it with you. Now, this picnic basket… it’s the one of my dreams! I could see putting a baguette in there along with some fancy French wine and cheese and pretending I’m in the Jardin du Palais-Royal.

Puzzles Puzzles

Let’s keep the puzzle craze going, shall we? I know everyone was doing puzzles during the worst of the “stay at home” orders during 2020, but why stop now? Well, puzzles are a little bit frustrating, but when you’re finished, what a sense of accomplishment… or so I think. My sister gave me this Gray Malin one above. It’s two-sided which makes it even more difficult. You can see the finished puzzle above. I have to be completely honest – I barely helped. She did it all. She did a great job!

Outdoor Summer Ice Cream Bowls

Ice Cream Bowls

Outdoor summer eating also calls for ice cream! And cute bowls are a definite must. These Anthropologie bowls have such great pastel colors which fit in so well with summer. I can imagine kicking back in that pool, eating some ice cream from this bowl with a parasol pick sticking out of it.

Outdoor Summer – Kites

Kites! How long has it been since you’ve flown a kite? I can’t even remember the last time I did. Outdoor summer activities are the best and a kite is a great addition to the cornhole, or croquet set you might have set up in your yard.

And speaking of your yard…

Citronella Candle

One thing I don’t like about the summer are the mosquitos. I must have super sweet blood because they love me. I usually have a ton of bites that I scratch too much. Cue up the citronella candle. This one has such a pretty look – it doesn’t even look like it would be a candle that keeps away the mosquitos and any other annoying bugs. Your friends – vaccinated please – will be checking out this candle wondering if it’s keeping the bugs away or is just to look pretty. And you’ll be all chuffed knowing the truth.

What are you most looking forward to this summer? Will you try any of these? Are there any that catch your eye?

 I get commission for purchases or clicks made through links in this post. Usually that means I can get a fancy coffee at Starbucks. So thank you!

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