Outfit Picks for a Creative Professional

In my scouring of the internet, I have yet to find a lot of information on how to dress as a creative professional.  I don’t think I’m alone in this.  It’s easy to know how to dress for work in a bank or law firm and there are tons of websites dedicated to just that.  What about those of us who work in digital or the entertainment industry?  I don’t think I want to wear a grey hoodie like Mark Zukerberg, I want to be fashionable.  How do I do that?  Well, I think I’ve hit on a few ideas for dressing for the creative professional.  Come along and see…

In the photo below, I’ve created five distinct outfits for different activities.  I feel like these can give a great starting point for creating a wardrobe.  Of course, we can mix and match these items to create new outfits.  I’d throw that awesome feather jacket over pretty much anything and everything.  It would look very cool with jeans and some black pumps or even the maroon boots below.  The one thing I think is important to remember is to be creative!  You’re showing off YOU as a creative person.  What better way to show people than in your look?  Go for it.  Don’t be afraid!  Rock it with confidence and who knows… you could be setting a brand new trend.


What do you guys think?  Would you wear any of these?  Do you struggle to put together outfits?  If so, let us know in the comments  and we’ll do some posts addressing them!




  • Thanks Dot! It is a little hard to see that’s true. Hmm… shoe coordination you say? I’ll have to get on a post about that! 🙂 Stay tuned!

  • Hi Tori! I know from personal experience that you are great at putting outfits together! I like all of them except the first one – but I admit it’s hard to see. I’d love to learn more about how to coordinate shoes with outfits. That’s a huge challenge for me!

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