Parisian Inspired Bedroom To Feel More French

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Parisian inspired anything is the new traveling. Who said that? Me. HA! Since we can’t go to Europe right now, we might as well do what we can. When I was going through my phone looking at pictures since January, I got all nostalgic about my trip to Paris. I’ve been four times I think and it feels more like home every time even though I don’t speak French! I’m lucky because I get to meet up with friends of mine who moved to the Loire Valley about 8 years ago. Their French is great, so when I see them, they’re in charge of talking. Anyhoo, while looking at my pics of Musée Jacquemart-André I was reminded how opulent the bedrooms were back then. I started to wonder if it’s possible to get the same Parisian inspired feel with modern furniture. Thus, this post was born. Come along with me to find out how I did.

This is our inspo video

This video is the full view of the inspiration room. I loved the pink color, of course, and how it actually seemed comfier than the usual rooms in museums. Let’s dive in. First up, we have the bed and chair area.

Parisian Inspired Bedroom

1. Frontgate – Whitby Canopy Bed | 2. Wayfair – Lark Manor – Palafox Armchair | 3. Wayfair – Lambersart Cocktail Tufted Ottoman

Personally, I don’t think the bed from the 19th century is that great or even needed. While I like the canopy part, it’s just not practical for the 21st century. However, I do think this bed works.

Parisian Inspired Bed

As you can see, the bed I’ve chosen still has the same sort of frame, but more modern. So you’re using the sort of outline of the bed for your Parisian inspired, modern take on it. I think you can still have modern while being influenced by the antique look.

Parisian Inspired Chairs

I’d say this chair has Parisian inspired all over it. Again, we have the more modern sort of vibe because it’s plain and not silk damask. It looks incredibly comfy, like you can curl up with a good book and a spot of tea or coffee on a gloomy day.

Parisian Inspired ottoman

This ottoman will go perfectly with the chair, even though this is linen it looks almost like velvet. The shape is as close as I could get to the original. Since the Jacquemart’s were rich, I’m guessing they had theirs made specifically for them. You can still do that today, but you’ll pay a hefty price. If it’s no big deal to you, I’d suggest going for that to get the Parisian inspired vibe nailed down perfectly.

Parisian Inspired Bedroom Group 2

1 Walmart – Pemberly Row – Antique White Hand Carved Vanity Desk | 2. Bailey Street Home – Glam Light Blue Velvet Vanity Bench With Decorative Gold Legs | 3. Lamps Plus – Alyson Mercury Glass Table Lamp by Regency Hill | 4. Wayfair – Kelly Clarkson – Lucinda Tray Top End Table

Desk and stool Parisian inspired

I’ve grouped these together because they sort of go together anyway. This desk is from WALMART. I know, I can barely believe it too. The price is good, the attention to detail is fantastic, and it’s the closest to an antique Parisian inspired desk that I have been able to find. Now, if you want to go the resale route for a true antique, just type in “French inspired (whatever)” and look at the pictures. You’ll see the ones that look most authentic and click on whatever one you’d like. I have no experience with buying anything in that world, but I’m sure you can figure it out.

The stool is a decent match, if I do say so myself, which of course I do. I like bringing in the velvet to amp up the opulence. This has the legs crossing, which is a bit reminiscent of Louis XIV furnishings.

Side table and lamp

This is a little more difficult to see in the picture, but I think you get the gist. The side tables near the bed are round with two shelves. I chose this side table because it looks like the closest match to the original ones. I also like how it’s a tray on both shelves. For my modern mind, I like that nothing is going to roll off.

The lamp is a good match as well. The shade is in the same shape as the original one as well as the body of the lamp itself. I’m guessing the original is brass or even gold, but this mercury glass gives it a nice sheen.

Parisian Inspired - group 3

1. Etsy – Bust of Artemis | 2. Living Spaces – Magnolia Home – Waverly Dresser By Joanna Gaines | 3. Lighting New York – Crestview Collection CVFZR429 – Etruscan Settee

On to our last grouping – this might be my favorite because I like the bust.

The original bust is of the owner, “Edouard André – the ultimate expression of Nélie’s admiration and loyalty to her husband.” How sweet is that? Since we don’t usually get busts made of our loved ones, I think this one, of Artemis, I found on Etsy is a good substitute. I chose a woman because we’re so used to seeing busts of men, I liked the idea of changing it up.

I was super surprised to find this dresser that is very similar, brand new, and by Joanna Gaines. I’m so used to her doing neutral/nude colored furniture that this is a surprise. You can also get new drawer hardware to make it look even more antique. So this is like an updated take on a classic. Sign me up!

This is a good match for the settee. The frame is very close to the original. I like that the color is neutral so it will fit in with any of your existing furniture if you want to just have one Parisian inspired piece in your bedroom. The attention to detail on the frame itself is as close we’ll get to the intricate work along the frame of the original. Again, I’m guessing this is a piece that was made just for them.

With all these pieces you’ll now be able to create the Parisian inspired bedroom of your dreams. Like I said above, you can also pick and choose, maybe just the chair. Maybe the desk and the bust to jazz up your bedroom. It’s all up to you. Let me know what you think in the comments.


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 I get commission for purchases or clicks made through links in this post. Usually that means I can get a fancy coffee at Starbucks. So thank you!

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