Parisian Purses To Channel Your Inner French Gal

Parisian women always seem to be so chic, don’t they? I think they’re born with it, don’t you? Do you think there’s a way other people can achieve their look? I do! I think the first thing to start with is one of their bags.

Parisian Polene bag

I have this bag (above) from Poléne Paris and feel incredibly chic whenever I use it – which is every day right now. Having just returned from Paris, I noticed women wearing great purses while walking around. Below, I’ve rounded up my top 5 bags to really indulge in the Parisian way.

1. Elleme – Raisin (Blush/Mauve Python Print) | 2. Poléne Paris – Number One mini | 3. Lancel – Ninon De Lances | 4. nat & nin – Anja |
5. Longchamp – Le Pliage Club (Pomegranate) 

Why did I pick these? Well, I personally own the larger size of number 2 and think it’s wonderful. The smaller size (shown here) would be great for a trip. The larger size which I have is good to shove a LOT of stuff inside it, but for a trip it might be a wee bit too big.

I just got the Elleme bag when I was in Paris… well I should say my sister paid for the new bag for me and I brought it home. LOL. Put this one on your list because even “It” girl Gigi Hadid is a fan of the company.

Number 3 is just cool. I like the snakeskin look. It would be perfect for a night out. However, just to alert you, this one is the most expensive of all the bags here. If you really want a splurge, give it a go. I saw this store all over Paris.

Number 4 reminds me a bit of a the Chloé saddle bag. I wouldn’t call it a true ‘dupe’ but it’s close. I also like the price. It does seem like a really big version of it though. I didn’t see a smaller size, so just be aware that it might be huge.

And number 5 is the true Parisian bag. It was the first one I got when I was in Paris years ago. I see these everywhere now. The pink color would be a great one for spring. It’s just so cheerful!

Will you be a Parisian gal with one of these bags? Which one is your favorite? Let me know below.


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