Express Pleated Skirt

Pleated Skirts Are A Must for the Holiday’s

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Pleated skirts always remind me of the holiday’s. I’m not sure why this is, but if you do a google search to find holiday appropriate outfits, a pleated skirt is always on the list. I think it’s because they’re versatile, comfy (aka good for eating a lot – see this post), and add an air of elegance to your outfit. Honestly, you can throw a sweatshirt on with a pleated skirt and still look all pulled together.

Express Pleated Skirt

Of course, the skirts aren’t solely for holiday parties, you can wear them to work, to brunch, or wherever you’d like now that we’re in fall. This skirt I’m wearing is a few seasons ago from Express. I have linked a very similar one in my picks below. This skirt has held up quite well. It’s shorter than the ones I’ve picked for this round-up – the reason I picked midi-length skirts is due to the fact we seem to be in a time where all the pleated skirts are midi length. If you can find some cute shorter ones, by all means, rock it!

1. Kohl’s – Simply Vera Vera Wang – Mixed Skirt | 2. Nordstrom – Halogen® x Atlantic-Pacific – Croc Faux Leather Midi Skirt | 3. Express – High Waisted Gold Metallic Midi Skirt | 4. Banana Republic Factory – Velvet Midi Skirt  | 5. Urban Outfitters – Emilia Sequin Pleated Midi Skirt | 6. H&M – Pleated Skirt – Red | 7. Unique Vintage – 1940s Style Emerald Green & Black Pin Dot Skirt | 8. Gap – Metallic Midi Skirt

Pleated Vera Wang Skirt

Number 1

The combination of wine and black is sophisticated. If I didn’t know this was from Kohl’s (and on sale!) I wouldn’t believe it. Remember how I was talking about these skirts being elegant? Here is a prime example of that. I would love to see this with a great black cashmere or very soft almost form-fitting sweater.

Number 2

This is a little more whimsical for the holidays with the mint green, but I like the idea of wearing a different shade of green at the holiday’s. Everyone usually goes for the traditional forest green shades, so this will set you apart. This shirt can be worn with it, as you see here, or I would pair it with a white sweater, or a pink v-neck long-sleeved top.

Number 3

This is the closest match to the skirt I’m wearing above. I like the elastic waistline and the pleating really holds up well. It’s also lightweight. I’d expect this one to be similar as well. Since this is a gold metallic, your usual hues of black and white will look nice with it. I might also be a little daring and go for a different texture blouse.

Number 4

Look no further for your favorite holiday skirt. Not only is this a pleated one, but it’s also velvet and on sale! Seriously, it doesn’t get much better than this. Since the wine color is so pretty and lush, I wouldn’t take away from that. So I’d pair this with a black, blue (why not sequins?), or even a green.

Sequin pleated asymmetrical skirt

Number 5

I’ve sort of been feeling sequins lately, especially with my post last week with the sequin pants. This skirt is such a fun one for a holiday party. This would be a great time to try the color blocking look as well by wearing a red top. If you don’t feel like going that way, a plain white bodysuit with an asymmetrical neckline would look very nice.

Red pleated skirt

Number 6

Red! This is my favorite color even though I rarely wear it. It’s such a happy color to me even though traditionally it represents energy, passion, and action. How did it become the “it” color of Christmas? Well, interestingly enough, we have Coca-Cola to thank for it! The artist Haddon Sundblom created a fat and jolly Santa Claus for an ad and dressed him in RED. However it came about, I’m glad it did. I would pair it with a green tartan type shirt for full Christmas cheer, a black or white shirt, if you want to go the color blocking route – a hot pink, and to just be different (or regal) purple (UK link).

polka dot pleated skirt

Number 7

As we discussed above, the “official” colors of Christmas are red and green. Unfortunately, for my friends who celebrate Hanukkah, the blue and white motif hasn’t yet caught on. At any rate, I picked this skirt because it’s a different take on the traditional green, and it has polka dots! I also like how full this skirt is. It’s a definite throw-back to the 1940’s. Vibes of “It’s A Wonderful Life” come through this skirt – IAWL was released in 1946. I would wear this shirt because it’s an unexpected color combo and you will look a little bit like a really cool ornament. (tee hee) If that’s not to your liking, a black shirt will be fab or even red!

Number 8

Would you believe this rose gold dress is from the G A P? I’m stunned too. I haven’t seen anything I like there in years, so I’m really surprised I found this one. The color is incredibly unique and feels like a departure for the good old Gap. I ain’t complaining! This is made for the Christmas office party. For this one, I’d go for a black top, or perhaps a nice green.

Now, you might be wondering what the heck do I do about shoes? You have a number of options but I’d stick to a black color. I don’t think a nude would look great with a lot of the pink and reds. It might look nice with the two greens (2 & 7). Boots would look great with any of these; knee high or even booties: with a heel, and without, chunky and ladylike. What do you think? Will you be wearing pleated skirt this fall? Let me know in the comments below!

Disclaimer: Some of these links are affiliate ones which basically means I get like a few pennies here and there that might one day add up to a dinner out.

 I get commission for purchases or clicks made through links in this post. Usually that means I can get a fancy coffee at Starbucks. So thank you!

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