Printed Leggings and Love

Leopard print leggings

So there are two things I continue to love.  One is printed leggings.  Did you see my last post on printed leggings?  The pair I’m wearing I received for Christmas from my mom.  I looked for the link to them for you but I can’t seem to find them anymore – my mom is so good at finding original pieces!  Because I can’t link them for you, I won’t tell you just how much I love them (they are actually really soft!).

The jacket you saw in a prior post, and the top is from Carrie Underwood’s line for Dick’s Sporting Goods – Calia by Carrie Underwood.  I continue to think this line is underrated.  The line has well-thought out pieces, and is good quality, modern workout wear.  I love how these shirts have a thick hemline so they are not going to roll up on you.  (The gray is my favorite.)

The star of this post, however, is the tumbler.  One of my new year’s resolutions is to drink more juice (currently loving green juice, post on that to come), and this tumbler is the best vehicle for it.  It’s a nice large size, so I can fill it up with water after I finish my green juice and inspire myself to drink more water (NYResolution #147).  I love the stripes and hot pink heart.  The straw as a lip on it so that it won’t fall out the top – the lip catches on the underside of the lid and keeps it inside – genius!  I used to have a phone case with this stripe/hot-pink-heart print, but that was probably back when I had the iPhone 4 (which tells you how long I’ve been loving  This tumbler is on my think-before-you-buy list (to be described in a future post), and I also really like this one. has the cutest designs and graphics.  I was in a bookstore the other day (a real bookstore, I know – first time I didn’t buy a book from Amazon Prime in I can’t remember how long.  Oh who am I kidding, first time I bought a book rather than watching YouTube videos and reading blogs).  Anyway, I saw the display for, and that reminded me how much I love this little brand.  (There are several pencil pouches I want to get my hands on, for NYResolution #184, be better about decorating and using my planner).

Here are a few other photos of me on my way to the gym drinking my green juice and listening to Blurry Face by 21 Pilots.  As you can see, messy hair day, Raybans to cover my lack of makeup, and sports bra that matches my pants (with a touch of mesh at the top. Kylie’s lip look isn’t the only thing that’s back from the 90s – mesh is fresh!)

IMG_0045 IMG_0046As I think about the work week ahead, I’m already looking forward to next weekend’s legging look . . .

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