On the Prowl for New Sneakers

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I’ve documented my love of sneakers here on the blog and here. I’ve worn the leopard print Steve Madden sneaks so much that the sole split in half.  No lie.  I’m quite broken-hearted about it in fact.


I love these star sneakers so much I wore them into the ground.



Here are the ones I have my eye on…


1. Kswiss Blemont Metallic Sneaker | 2. Converse All Star Dainty | 3. ASOS DELILAH Star & Moon Sneakers | 4. ASOS DAWN Star Sneakers | 5. ASOS DUAL Chunky Lace Up Sneakers | 6. Naturalizer Morrison Sneaker | 7. Treasure & Bond Splits Two-Tone Perforated Sneaker | 8. Nike ‘Classic Cortez‘ Sneaker

I need to replace my white sneakers because white goes with everything, am I right?  I love tossing on a pair of sneaks with a dress for an unexpected look.  They’re also a necessity when it comes to walking around New York City daily.  With these I can look cool and still be comfortable as I rack up the steps on my iWatch.  I usually get 10,000 steps a day.  With those stats, is it any wonder I go through sneakers as fast as I do?

1. These remind me a bit of the Adidas Superstar sneaks but with a lower price.  Yay!  Growing up I always wanted a pair of KSwiss sneakers but they seemed out of reach for me.  As an adult I had forgotten about them till I was perusing the net for new ones.

2. Converse.  White.  The holy grail of sneakers.  I don’t need to say anything else.

3. & 4. These both remind me of my beloved white star sneakers from Asos.  I like number three because it mixes in pops of colors but not too overtly.  I like the other pair for their metallic stars and a crescent moon.  I’d get them and toss them on with faux leather pants and a low-cut top for a mix of sexy and fun.

5. I like the split look to this one.  Just recently realized I’m a fan of Treasure & Bond as a line – it’s found at Nordstrom, of course.  Something Navy just released her collab with them and the price points are great.  Even the price of these sneaks isn’t bad!

6. Sit down everyone – I can’t believe I like this shoe because it’s by Naturalizer!  I’m sorry, that line always reminds me of elderly women who need orthopedic shoes.  These are TOTALLY NOT LIKE THAT!  Yes, the caps were necessary!  I bet they’re really comfy as well.  I’ll be checking this one out soon.

7. These remind me of another Adidas one – the Stan Smith line, but with a cooler heel color.  Again, the price of this shoe is cheaper.  I love the smell of a good deal in the morning, don’t you?

8. The Cortez is the newest release from Nike and I’m digging it.  Love the swish of pink.  Love the way it reminds me of a bowling shoe, but way cooler.  I haven’t seen this shoe taking over the sidewalks in New York yet, so there’s hope that not everyone has it yet.  I like being a wee bit different from everyone else.  Original.

I’ll have to choose pretty soon.  It’s going to be rainy and icky soon so the leopard print sneakers won’t cut it.  I’m leaning toward the Cortez… what about you guys?  Any that you love and are clicking to get right this second?  If not, what is your fave sneaker?  Let me know in the comments below!




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 I get commission for purchases or clicks made through links in this post. Usually that means I can get a fancy coffee at Starbucks. So thank you!

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