Puffy Sleeves Help Nail that French Girl Style

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Puffy sleeves used to be a “heck no” for me because I was all anti looking cute, I guess. Thank goodness I’ve changed and embraced the cute and girly style, not all the time, but I do like to pepper it into my clothing choices. It also feels a little like something a French girl would embrace, so that made it a no-brainer on incorporating it into my style. If you’re not sure how to do a puffy sleeve, don’t worry, I’ve got 12 picks.

There are ways in which to temper down a sweater, shirt or even dress if you feel the sleeve is too poufy, but for the ones I’ve chosen, I think they’re the perfect amount of puffy.

1. Express – Crew Neck Puff Sleeve Top | 2. Express – One Eleven Textured Square Neck Puff Sleeve Top | 3. Vici – Chesney Denim Puff Sleeve Ruffle Dress | 4. Urban Outfitters – Textured Stripe Puff Sleeve Blouse | 5. Free People – Sugar Pie Sweater | 6. Anthropolgie – Marta Puff-Sleeved Blouse |
7. Urban Outfitters – Project Social T Puff Sleeve Sweater | 8. Lani The Label – Rumi Blouse | 9. Zara – Pleated Sleeve Top | 10. Anthropologie – Kyrie Striped Sweatshirt | 11. Piper & Scoot – The Mercer Knit Puff Sleeve Sweater in Deep Jade | 12. Asos Design – long sleeve square neck button through top in linen

Number 1

This color is perfect for fall. Black pants, jeans, or skirts would look great with this, as would grey. The puff on this one isn’t too big since the overall billowy sleeve catches the most attention. This is great to ease into the sleeve trend.

Number 2

Now this is a sleeve. My favorite part of this is the square neck. It makes every woman’s neckline look tres elegant. Imagine wearing this with a dainty necklace – you’ll be so insta-worthy. It reminds me of a Reformation top, but a much better price.

Number 3

What a fun flirty dress this one is. It’s casual and pretty at the same time. The sleeves give it an added oomph to make it stand out from other dresses. Oddly enough, I think cowboy boots would look great with this.

Number 4

I seem to be very into reddish tones right now, but they are great fall colors. This shirt has a lot going on – normally, I would think this was way too girly for me with the puff sleeve AND the ruffles, but when pairing it with jeans like these, it definitely tempers down the girly vibe. I would also throw a blazer over it in the winter.

Number 5

When talking about lady like vibes, this sweater fits the bill. The three quarter length sleeve is great for women who tend to run warmer in the fall and winter. It can be dressed up by putting it under a suit, or it can be casual cool in jeans and Converse.

Number 6

I haven’t shopped in Anthropologie in ages, but this cute shirt got my attention. The print is great for right now but it can still be great in the fall and winter by putting a cozy sweater on top, pulling on some comfy jeans, and boots.

Number 7

This is another sweater that has a slight puff sleeve. This seems more like a sweatshirt, but it’s still sophisticated. I even like the necklace they have with it, but I don’t know what it is. I like this one, though.

Number 8

This is another shirt that has that cool Reformation gal vibe to it, along with being rather romantic. I like the way they have it paired with jeans, to tone that vibe down a bit. It looks like it could be a crop, but there are ways of getting around that if you don’t feel comfortable in a crop top. You can put a cami under it, or buy it a little bigger.

Number 9

I know I go on and on about how nothing ever seems to fit me at Zara (see this for proof), but this shirt looks like it would fit nicely. This isn’t doing it justice, but the sleeves are pleated as well. It would look gorgeous with a sequin skirt for a night on the town, if you’re into that. It would look equally great with jeans and sneaks, for running around town.

Number 10

They’re classifying this as a sweatshirt, but it looks like a shirt to me. No matter, it has stripes! My favorite pattern and a great sleeve. This one is great for everyday wear with jeans, pants, skirts, and shorts. The only thing that might not look great with it are sweatpants. This is definitely one of the most French inspired shirts in this round up. I love the way they added a cute bandana around the neck. I might just try that myself!

Number 11

Doesn’t this color conjure up the fall foliage? It makes me think of picking apples, sipping hot cider, and bonfires. I like that this has a similar sleeve to number 1, but not as in your face. It also looks incredibly soft. If you didn’t know by now, I’m incredibly tactile and won’t wear anything that doesn’t feel soft.

Number 12

This last top is a more work appropriate version of the puffy sleeve. It has the square neck that a number of the other tops have had, but this adds some Victorian flair with the covered buttons down the front and on the cuffs. You can go either sophisticated or boho with this top depending on what you pair it with on the bottom. For example, if you pair it with this skirt, you’re in boho territory. If you wear these pants with it, you’re automatically sophisticated.

This one isn’t a trend where you have to have a lot of these puffy sleeve tops in your closet, I think one shirt and maybe a dress if you really love it will do. Let me know if you agree or disagree with me in the comments. Can’t wait to hear your opinions!


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 I get commission for purchases or clicks made through links in this post. Usually that means I can get a fancy coffee at Starbucks. So thank you!

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